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The Celtic Cross Reading is a traditional and well-liked card spread. Readers use The Celtic Cross for an in-depth look at your question. In truth, this is one of my favorite readings for accuracy and insight.

If you are having trouble finding a question to ask, don’t worry! The ten cards of the Celtic Cross can provide general guidance. For instance, this spread will reveal the basic situation, any blocks, and how the past, present, and future relate to your outcome on the current path.

2 reviews for Celtic Cross Reading

  1. Marcos Mauney

    This was not my first card reading but it was my first “online reading”. I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work with Stephanie and I being roughly 700 miles apart, but it worked out extremely well. Quite simply, it was amazing! Stephanie was greatly confident, intuitive and a perceptive reader. I feel as if I was really guided throughout the entire findings of her reading. She also answered all my questions and was very thorough about her findings. Stephanie is absolutely fantastic, hugely talented and I’m delighted to have been able to speak with her today! Ultimately, this was the knowledge I needed to help me through my journey. I would without doubt or hesitation highly recommend Stephanie to anyone! I can truly promise that you will not be disappointed. Thank you, Stephanie!

    • Stephanie (verified owner)

      I appreciate your comment so much! It was a pleasure doing a reading for you. If you need anything in the future, please let me know!

  2. Mariam

    Simply put… my reading was spot on! Stephanie explained everything thoroughly and was very knowledgeable of the cards and their meanings. I had some big events going on and was amazed that my cards revealed that! Stephanie guided me through the cards and their meanings. I most definitely will be getting another reading in the future! Thanks again Stephanie!!!

    • Stephanie (verified owner)

      You are SO welcome! Thanks so much for trusting me with your reading. I appreciate your review.

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