What's the energy of your home?

Are you looking to rent a new place or buy a new home? Maybe you are just curious about your current place’s vibe; numerology can provide an interesting perspective!

I LOVE looking at the numerology of houses. It has become a “little” obsession of mine. I must confess that I look at real estate apps a lot more than I probably should, given I am not in the market for a house half the time. It’s fun to fall in love with a multi-million dollar mansion because of the majestic built-ins and outdoor fairy garden…then to see it was a 7 home, sold!

Have you ever wondered why certain homes feel different than other homes? Some places feel exciting, while others feel very meditative. Certain addresses might inspire structure when the place next door inspires freedom. Your well-being could be tested in certain places; then, immediately, you feel less anxious in another house. These occurrences could have something to do with the inhabitants and neighbors, absolutely, but it could also be the numerology associated with the residence.

Calculate the Numerology for your Address

Write down your home address numbers, or visualize the numbers if you are able. Add them up and reduce the sum until you get a single digit (or an 11/22). Don’t worry about the street name or your zip code. Just the numbers on your house will do. 

Single Residence Examples:

Pretend you live at 113 N. Main Street (this is an easier one).

  • Your house number is 113, SO you add 1+1+3=5
  • Since your house address added to a single digit, then you stop here.
  • You live in a 5 house.

Here is another one…a smidge more complicated this time. Pretend you live at 9437 Valley Lane.

  • 9+4+3+7=23 
  • Reduce 23 to a single-digit number: 2+3=
  • It’s party time because, again, you live in a 5 house.

Let’s look at one more single residence address that might trick someone. Your potential rental house is located at 731 Market Street.

  • 7+3+1=11
  • Even though this isn’t a single digit, you leave it 11 because it is a master number (same with 22).
  • You live for the lessons in an 11 house.
Apartment Example:

Apartments are interesting because your entire building has the same street address, so would this make every apartment in the building the same number? Not likely.

The street address of most apartment buildings is not necessarily the number of your specific unit. This goes for college dorms, too. The most important number in this scenario is the number (and/or letter) of the unit where you reside.

For example, you live in a complex at 9023 W. 7th Avenue, Unit #16.

  • Disregard the street address “9023” for now. This number can be looked into later.
  • Look at your unit’s number 16 and add it together…
  • 1+6=7.
  • You live in a space that vibrates as a 7.
  • If you want to know the vibe of the complex, look at the 9+0+2+3=14…1+4=5

What could this mean? If the space you inhabit is a 7 and the larger complex is a 5, perhaps you keep your unit a secluded retreat within the highly social energy of the complex. You could have the best of both worlds, but mind that the energy of the complex doesn’t create challenges within your unit.

Letters are tied to numeric values as well! This is particularly important for apartments and dorms.

Assume that the letters of the alphabet are numbered chronologically up to 9 and reduced to a single digit when necessary. It would look something like this in the end:

Let’s try an apartment example. You found a beautiful unit at 33356 Mountain Heights Blvd. Unit 36B.

  • Start by adding 3+6=9
  • Find the numerical value of B (2).
  • Add the two parts together 9+2=11
  • Since this is a master number 11, it will stay in this form.
  • You live in an 11 apartment.

Since you are probably curious about what all the numbers mean…

Number 1 House

Keywords:   Independent, Driven, Leader

Advantages:   If you are an ambitious sort who is intent on the pursuit of your goals, self-sufficient, and intends to remain unattached while exploring the self, a 1 vibration will resonate.

Disadvantages:   With so much independence, a 1 home may hinder companionship, foster loneliness, or even lack harmony and balance.

Living in a 1 home is a wonderful opportunity for independent types to focus their energy on goals and ambitions. This vibration will positively resonate with anyone who is content with a self-sufficient lifestyle. Yes, the 1 vibration can easily exist with others, but it can just as easily be comfortable being alone. If a family lives in a 1 address, it would be advantageous for everyone to have personal space, explore often, and learn new ideas. Taking time out for human interaction can keep the 1 vibration balanced.

Number 2 House

Keywords: Companionship, Sensitive, Nurture

Advantages: A place that provides teamwork, support, and consistent interaction, the 2 home harmonizes with coexistence.

Disadvantages: The nature of a 2 home is companionship, therefore, at any point when the inhabitants find themselves alone, they feel lost or incomplete.

The atmosphere of a 2 home will feel loving and secure. Inhabitants will take care of each other while offering loving support and companionship. Since the essence of the 2 vibration centers around relationships and coexisting, this home would create a positive atmosphere for couples, families, friends, and roommates. It’s important to communicate and try to understand each other as diplomacy is central to healthy relationships. Working together as a team will build a strong foundation in a 2 home.

Number 3 House

Keywords: Creativity, Inspiration, Joy

Advantages: With creativity comes steady inspiration and a general tolerance for others. A 3 home will breed optimism and open expression.

Disadvantages: The 3 vibration lives in the imagination, therefore, take time to ground your energy in reality to avoid feelings of disassociation.

Finding a home within the vibrations of a 3 offers inhabitants a place to be inspired and creative. This house would be perfect for anyone who wishes to live an imaginative life where they express themselves in a fun and vibrant way. A 3 home also provides the right energy for inhabitants to “birth” their world into existence. Whether this is a literal family or an artistic piece, the energy here is ripe with potential. Communication comes easily here as the 3 energy is quite expressive. If you intend to kick back and relax in quiet solitude, it would be best to look elsewhere or use your skills in communication to set boundaries.

Number 4 House

Keywords:   Stability, Investment, Practicality

Advantages:   If you are looking for a solid investment or a home that will be yours forever, then you could happily call this place home.

Disadvantages:   Even though this home offers a lot of practicality and security, that comes at the cost of any spontaneous excitement.

Finding a residence with the vibrations of a number 4 is an incredible opportunity for people looking to invest or families looking to root themselves for some time. It’s not often you find 4 homes for sale as their inhabitants remain for quite some time. If you happen to be finding a lot of 4 homes during your search, then that is a sign you may need to settle down and stay awhile. While this home offers stability, that could mean getting caught up in day-to-day tasks and sacrificing fun and frivolity. Balance your work with play, and you will be just fine.

Number 5 House

Keywords:  Freedom, Change, Adventure

Advantages:   Capturing the energy of change, this residence is about the free spirit and their right to a good time.

Disadvantages:   The excitement found in this house is ever-changing and could lead to a disinterested mind or short attention span.

If you enjoy hosting, entertaining, gathering, or socializing, this home is a wonderful place to reside. The vibrations in a 5 home are enjoyable, and that means parties and hang-outs galore! Adventurers or open-minded people would be a great fit for this home. The energy here is always changing, and the quick tempo could be considered exciting or exhausting, depending on your preferences. If you are prone to over-indulging or have an addictive personality, this energy could potentially trigger those indulgences. As is the case in most places, balance is needed, and a healthy routine would help alleviate compulsions.

Number 6 House

Keywords:  Family, Supportive, Responsibility

Advantages:   This nurturing energy creates an environment of love and support for partners and families.

Disadvantages:   The domesticated energy of this home could become overwhelming and cause you to look at the environment as more of a burden.

It’s easy to cozy up in the beauty of a 6 vibration. This house can easily become your home and feel like a little protected oasis in the world. Tending to have comfortable furniture, good food, animals, plants, and many treasured belongings, a 6 home becomes your little sanctuary devoid of any minimalist decor. Your list of chores is quite long in this home, but it is a pleasure to complete most of the time. When things begin to become overwhelming, it’s important to prioritize self-care and socialization in order to even things out.

Number 7 House

Keywords: Tranquil, Spiritual, Meditative

Advantages:   Containing the energy of peaceful meditation, a number 7 home will be a haven from turmoil in life.

Disadvantages:   With so much quiet contemplation happening here, this home could run the risk of becoming too introspective thereby becoming ungrounded.

The calming and spiritual energy of a number 7 home is perfect for people who seek a place to meditate, think, pray, and connect to a higher self. Writers, spiritualists, artists, and privately-minded people would be a perfect fit for the energy in this home. It is welcoming and serene for the inhabitants to have the space to go within and seek answers to their queries. For some, the energy here could be a bit lonesome. If you enjoy the excitement of hosting a few parties now and then, this might not be the space for you. However, if you dedicate a room to your calming pursuits then a 7 home would do just fine as long as you gound your energy on a regular basis.

Number 8 House

Keywords: Abundance, Wealth, Finery

Advantages:   The energy of an 8 home lends well to anyone looking to increase their wealth or live luxuriously.

Disadvantages: The abundance within a home of this vibration could risk becoming too invested in possessions and collect a large amount of unnecessary stuff.

Residents living within an 8 home could find an abundance of money or possessions accessible through hard work. If you want to invest in a property or work from home, this residence would be a fitting vibration to advance yourself further in your chosen area. Furthering your financial pursuits by focusing on your work and career is part of the 8 home’s energy. If you are looking for an easy lifestyle with few distractions and responsibilities then this place might be too fast-paced for your needs. Finding a balance between climbing the corporate ladder and self-care would be necessary.

Number 9 House

Keywords: Helpful, Selfless, Welcoming

Advantages: This home feels like home because you are always welcome and given what you need the moment you arrive.

Disadvantages: Having the energy of the collective, individuals might find the vibration lacking in solitude or a place where cycles of your life come to an end.

Coming into a home with a 9 vibration is like walking into a welcoming hug. The energy is loving and gentle, making guests want to flock to your house and never leave. Family or friends who have fallen on hard times might come to stay for extended periods in this energy. 9 is a humanitarian number, therefore a great place for large groups of people to gather and live together. Individuals or families residing in this energy would benefit from the humanitarian energy by doing good in the world. Giving is easy with this house, but watch out for lack of receiving. Honor your human needs to find a balance.  

Master Number 11 House

Keywords: Growth, Intuition, Awakened

Advantages: Finding a new path or entering a more awakened phase creates the ideal situation for living happily in this dreamy energy.

Disadvantages: Neglecting inner work and ignoring crucial shadow work while residing in an 11 home will create disharmony of the self.

The number 11 is considered a Master Number, creating the perfect situation for reaching great potential if you are open to it. Your intuition is heightened in this vibration, and your dreams can come true if you want them to. Allowing ideas to flow freely in an 11 vibration can manifest the things you hope to achieve. Deal with any emotional issues and confront your triggers with courage. Strengthening your inner world will rapidly manifest the outer in this home. Residents here should find their own independent thoughts and ideas. Focus on doing the things you need to do to accomplish what you dream.

Master Number 22 House

Keywords: Protected, Stable, Grounded

Advantages: The natural energy of this home creates a connection to family and earth while organizing your life in a grounded manner.

Disadvantages: Often, the earth’s energy encompasses forward progress; therefore, any contentment with prolonged idle lazing will create discord in life.

It’s an absolute treasure to find a home with the vibration of number 22. These places center on the stability of family and the beauty of the natural world. Residents are known to create a name for themselves as helpful entities with a healing aura, which extends to themselves as well. With so much focus on their healing craft, creations, or service to humanity, the residents within a 22 vibration could lose sight of their own needs or the needs of their family. Letting go of the guilt you feel when seeking out self-care is central to balancing the constant progress of this vibration.

You have the power to create your reality.

It’s always important to remember that no matter the vibration, we always have the power to create our realities. Yes, I look into residence numbers all the time just to get a sense of what I might be dealing with when entering the property, but also to see if the vibration matches its numerology! It has become a “small” obsession of mine…

It might need to be said that your life path number is the real star of the show, and the residence is an extra. It adds to the overall mood but doesn’t change the plot of the story.

Need some help with calculations?

If you are having trouble calculating your house number, the calculator below (courtesy of affinitynumerology.com) will help you confidently discover your house’s vibe.

To Begin:

Input the residence number, the residential street address, and/or the names of every person that will live in residence.

Remember, if you live in an apartment/flat that has a street address AND an apartment number, then these are both applicable.