VENUS influences the abundance of love and material wealth you attract. This planet reveals the key to capturing your heart and provides insight into what pleases you.


When Venus is in Aries, your attractive image draws many romantic opportunities where you aren’t afraid to take the lead. Tending to move fast in love and business may or may not work out depending on the needs of the other parties involved. Take great care not to rush into anything too serious until you give the relationship some time.

Venus in Aries Keyword: Impetuous


When Venus is in Taurus, you know exactly what to say and do to attract a lover. Your energy is solid and reliable, which is a definite plus in the relationship department. Also, your culinary skills are well above average. If you fall for someone, they are likely loyal, patient, and enjoy the simple comfort life affords.

Venus in Taurus Keyword: Constant


When Venus is in Gemini, you possess a natural ability to lighten moods with your friendly nature. You enjoy conversation and witty banter. With flirtatious energy, you draw people in and sometimes grow bored rather quickly. It is difficult for you to commit fully as being tied down feels too permanent for someone like you.

Venus in Gemini Keyword: Lighthearted


When Venus is in Cancer, you are a secure option for someone looking to be welcomed home with open arms. Your deep sensitivities allow you to care for someone else with unmatched protection. Your home is a haven for your family, where you create an atmosphere of comfort. You love to cuddle and can get a little moody when ignored.

Venus in Cancer Keyword: Comfortable


When Venus is in Leo, your attitude towards love is something out of a fairy tale. You are the main character and expect your partner to be the most beautiful in all the land. Your ideal mate would slay a thousand dragons and cross treacherous oceans for the opportunity to have your hand. Honestly, you would do the same for your partner, too.

Venus in Leo Keyword: Dazzling


When Venus is in Virgo, your affection may involve a bit of criticism. You would only take the time to criticize if it was worth investing the time in improvement. If a relationship matters to you, you will figure out the details and how to make it work. Often reserved in public, you open up A LOT when you are in the privacy of your own home.

Venus in Virgo Keyword: Dedication


When Venus is in Libra, favorable energy creates a true-love scenario. You are a romantic to the core, and you spare no time in showing that side to your love. Both men and women with Venus in Libra crave Hollywood-worthy romance. All you ask for in return is an affectionate partner who can treat you with fairness.

Venus in Libra Keyword: Kindness


When Venus is in Scorpio, you create an intense bond and offer a depth of loyalty unmatched in the zodiac. Your seductive nature attracts partnerships, but you will only reveal yourself in times of serious commitment. With a jealous streak, you may feel quite possessive of your lover.

Venus in Scorpio Keyword: Committed


When Venus is in Sagittarius, you are a fun time and don’t expect any commitment because you likely don’t want one. Your restless nature drives you to abandon relationships regularly, but you come back again. Rules were meant to be broken and are too restrictive. Your sense of humor and adventurous energy is very attractive.

Venus in Sagittarius Keyword: Independence


When Venus is in Capricorn, you are a dependable partner who will never let down your lover. Your attractiveness comes from an ability to chart a course for the relationship, which shows commitment to the union. Often predictable and a little cold, you are often misunderstood. Perhaps a bit of shyness in revealing your feelings gets misinterpreted.

Venus in Capricorn Keyword: Security


When Venus is in Aquarius, you desire a partner who finds you intelligent and interesting. Often your best friend, you seek out unconventional types to suit your love of the eccentric. People are attracted to you, and you gain a lot of friends. With Venus in this placing, your true nature leans toward liberal ideals.

Venus in Aquarius Keyword: Singularity


When Venus is in Pisces, your love doesn’t come with conditions attached. You are attracted to the soul of a person, not the masks people hide behind. The warmth of your affection allows you to see the best in people, especially when they may not see it themselves. Romance is a priority, but they are oddly noncommittal. 

Venus in Pisces Keyword: Sensitivity