Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

From an astrological perspective, the outer planets are not personal traits found within an individual. Their energy reflects something much larger and more generational-something that cannot be expressed by one person alone.

Inner Planets vs. Outer Planets

The “inner” planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These planets are personal because, when expressed, their aspects form your identity, ego, personality, emotional self, and individual nature. Think of the inner planets as aspects within a person.

On the other hand, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are classified as “outer” planets in astrology. The “outer” planets represent the forces outside your individual nature, aspects of the collective. Their influence is much larger than any individual, but important nonetheless. As we are affected by aspects of society on a daily basis, the outer planets are still part of our lives.

Creating Generations

The outer planets are slow-moving and take a long time to enter and exit each sign. For that reason, they are a better representation of a generation rather than an individual personality. Our world and Earth’s societies move through cycles, which the outer planets represent through collective traits. Changes or advancements in society, the challenges faced by nations, and upheavals are all part of the cycles. 

Experiencing the Outer Planets

This is where things can get a little confusing. Knowing that you directly experience the inner planets’ energy because they combine to form your tendencies, you can only experience the outer planets through the placement of your personal planets.

What? You might have to read that again, but let me put it more plainly.

So, for instance, if your Sun is in Capricorn you are generally a hard working person who puts in the time and focus to achieve anything. You can be a bit hard-headed, but grind away day in and day out. The outcome is always within your control.

Let’s say your Moon is also in Capricorn (I am talking about myself here, FYI) can only have direct experience of the energies that are a part of you, i.e., the inner planets. When you experience the outer planets, you do so through the filter and context of the inner, personal planets. When an outer planet makes an aspect to one of your personal planets, you experience the effects of the outer planet, but only as it effects your experience of that personal planet, and the areas of your life that it rules.


URANUS influences chaos and change. Given that this planet lingers for around seven years in each sign, Uranus influences the qualities of entire generations. This vibration has the potential to break down what is no longer serving humanity and build a new future.

When you are a part of Uranus in Aries, your generation displays a wild and rebellious spirit intent on pioneering personal freedom.

When you are a part of Uranus in Taurus, your generation displays a natural stubbornness that urges humanity to relinquish selfish pursuits related to the collective wealth.

When you are a part of Uranus in Gemini, your generation displays a sense of inventive thinking that can foster innovative ideas in the realm of communications.

When you are a part of Uranus in Cancer, your generation seeks to change how humanity defines family, lifestyles, and domestic structure.

When you are a part of Uranus in Leo, your generation was made to revolutionize society’s normalized areas once considered taboo.

When you are a part of Uranus in Virgo, your generation can solve the past problems and usher in alternative ideas related to wellness.

When you are a part of Uranus in Libra, your generation provokes society to consider different relational and romantic structures by living according to their terms.

When you are a part of Uranus in Scorpio, your generation’s inhibitions in sex and intimacy cause outdated thinking to be upturned and changed.

When you are a part of Uranus in Sagittarius, your generation is one of the most unconventional, which causes progress related to personal philosophies to come no matter the price.

When you are a part of Uranus in Capricorn, your innovative generation seeks massive government and professional change.

When you are a part of Uranus in Aquarius, your generation is tasked with using science, technology, and an inventive spirit to usher in a new age.

When you are a part of Uranus in Pisces, your generation pushes society to accept a broader definition of religion while revolutionizing how we view artistic endeavors.


NEPTUNE influences dreams, inspiration, and our ability to connect. An entire generation will have the same position of Neptune due to its slow-moving speed.

When you are a part of Neptune in Aries, your generation’s ideals drive their need for information and understanding.

When you are a part of Neptune in Taurus, your generation shares a visionary approach to life.

When you are a part of Neptune in Gemini, your generation is able to communicate their imaginative musings.

When you are a part of Neptune in Cancer, your generation sympathizes through their natural emotional sensitivity.

When you are a part of Neptune in Leo, your generation puts on a show for the world.

When you are a part of Neptune in Virgo, your generation shares a need for sharp criticism without much constructive feedback.

When you are a part of Neptune in Libra, your generation exudes romance in life and art.

When you are a part of Neptune in Scorpio, your generation reacts favorably to the esoteric and sexual aspects of life.

When you are a part of Neptune in Sagittarius, your generation seeks to create a better world through education and expanding horizons.

When you are a part of Neptune in Capricorn, your generation innovates business and professional structure.

When you are a part of Neptune in Aquarius, your generation works to free the mind and help humanity embrace independence and individual identity.

When you are a part of Neptune in Pisces, your generation dreams of a world where compassion and empathy awaken within us all.


PLUTO influences the rebirth cycle where one phase ends and another begins. This slow-moving planet represents the individuals of a generation and their search for deeper meaning.

When Pluto is in Aries, determination, brashness, fearlessness, courage, and aggression determine your nature.

When Pluto is in Taurus, slowness, changing, material success, stubbornness, and fortitude determine your nature.

When Pluto is in Gemini, innovation, communication, revolution, intellect, and renewal determine your nature.

When Pluto is in Cancer, emotional outbursts, empathy, and idealism determine your nature.

When Pluto is in Leo, confidence, entertainment, identity, and self-expression determine your nature. This is the Baby Boomer Generation.

When Pluto is in Virgo, self-care, wellness, duty, responsibility, and the mind/body/soul connection determine your nature.

When Pluto is in Libra, art, beauty, interpersonal relationships, and soul connections determine your nature. This is Generation X.

When Pluto is in Scorpio, sex, physical and mental transformation, shadow work, and taboo topics determine your nature. These are the Millennials or Gen Y.

When Pluto is in Sagittarius, philosophy or belief systems, technology, and finding the truth determine your nature. This ends the Millennials and begins Gen Z.

When Pluto is in Capricorn, innovation, accountability, wisdom, and ambitious change determine your nature. This is Gen Z.

When Pluto is in Aquarius, networking, technology, humanity, and transformation determine your nature.

When Pluto is in Pisces, psychic awareness, spiritual connection, and projection determine your nature.