Is Your SUN in Taurus?

The World of Taurus

Taurus Sun Symbol

The symbol of the bull represents Taurus in the zodiac. The stories behind this symbol date back for thousands of years. The Bull of Heaven in Mesopotamian culture or Zeus transformed as a white bull in Greek mythology spin the tale of this recognizable constellation.

Being prominent in the night’s sky, Taurus has captured the attention of Earth’s most ancient cultures. This constellation is stable and enduring, just like a Taurus Sun.

Taurus Sun Element

Taurus displays the element of EARTH and tends to be a sign of enduring while maintaining natural beauty. The Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are all different, but they are each grounded and strong. If something needs to be accomplished with precision, then look towards an Earth sign. Their responsible nature might be boring to some, but reliability should never be taken for granted. This group will accomplish their goals without playing into distractions.

Earth signs are sensual in the way they appreciate life through their physical senses. They understand the world around them and value beauty, food, nature, and peak performance. Sometimes too practical, greedy, or driven, Earth signs would do well to take time to rest and appreciate the little things in life.

Taurus Sun Quality

Taurus is a FIXED sign, which works to create a stable foundation. The four fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) suggest reliability as they forge an atmosphere of patience and enthusiasm. They build a stable life. The fixed signs are trustworthy and helpful.

Being a Fixed Earth sign, Taurus plods along steadily to construct a solid life. Fixed Earth will create stability for a lifetime.

Taurus Ruling Planet

VENUS rules the sign of Taurus. Venus, known as the Roman Goddess of Love, is the planet of love, values, money, and affection. A Taurus will work hard to never stray from their set of values, which often means being a loving parent and dedicated provider. Venus represents beauty, and Taurus can become overly focused on the way things look, including their physical form. A very affectionate sign, Taurus loves to eat good food, cozy up, and enjoy their family. 

Taurus Sun Mantra

I have a dependable set of morals and values.

Taurus Personality and Purpose

When your Sun is in Taurus, you genuinely enjoy the comfort and material security this world provides. You are resourceful and will work hard to create that secure life for yourself and your loved ones. Along with material security, you have a keen ability to create an atmosphere of personal protection. You are loyal and dependable, which others find comforting. 

Taurus is well known for an obstinate attitude, but being “bull-headed” keeps you on track towards your goals. As the zodiac’s provider, Taurus can become stubborn and rigid in pursuit of material success. When you want to make something happen, then you will make it happen! 

A Taurean personality will scout the future possibilities and then slowly plod along until reaching the desired destination. You know those good things are worth the wait.

Understanding how to wait for satisfaction, you can sometimes push it too far. A Taurus will even wait to express negative emotions by suppressing them, causing a build-up inside. Once everything comes rushing out, you turn embarrassed and ashamed. Your self-esteem takes a critical hit, but you learn a positive lesson about self-expression. 

Releasing any self-indulgent, jealous, or insensitive tendencies will only further you towards your destiny. Your true nature exudes love and gentle attention because you understand the value of being patient.

When a Taurus commits to a relationship, it is a true declaration of love and loyalty. You are devoted, vulnerable, and stable. If someone wrongs you or deceives your trust, then you find it really difficult to forgive. Betrayal would be a key reason for you to leave a relationship, because otherwise, you may stay forever in something that doesn’t work. Your stubborn side wouldn’t admit you were a poor judge of character. However difficult an ending may be for you, know that Taurus is a catch, and someone deserving is waiting for you to make life beautiful.

Taurus energy radiates a kind of parental patience that can calm any worries.

When you were younger, your stubborn side was prominent if adults tried to force something upon you. A gentle approach or appeals to your common sense worked a lot better! Also, any activity that offered a creative outlet stimulated your little Taurus mind. You needed to take your time when learning things properly and hated teachers or adults rushing you around. This likely stands true to this day.

Taurus is a sign that enjoys routine. You don’t mind doing the same thing or going to the same places. As a parent, this will help create stability but might become tiresome depending on the child. Regardless, you will be a patient and supportive of your children. Your standards will be high, and your affection limitless.

A Taurus can be plump or slight, but something about them is always rounded and comfortable looking. They have an effortless style and always look put together. Taurus tend to have fantastic hair or a substantial beard if they choose to grow one. When they are not working, they love to be relaxed and lazy, which can come across as boring to some of the more outgoing signs.

Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is most compatible with Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and other Earth signs.

Are you a cusp?

If the description of Taurus Sun is characteristic of your personality, you may find several of your planets are aligned with this sign, element, or quality. If very little of the description represents your persona, then other signs in your chart may carry more substantial aspects. Also, if you were born on a cusp, which is when your birthday is within a few days of the Sun’s move from one zodiac sign to the next, then your Sun might not be the most accurate representation of your potential. Being on a cusp means you display the traits of two different Sun signs or a unique blend of the two.

Read on for your other planetary placements, which give more insight.