Is Your SUN in Libra?

The World of Libra

Libra Sun Symbol

The symbol of the scales represents Libra in the zodiac. The story behind this symbol is an excellent representation of the balanced and harmonious Libra vibe.

In Greek Mythology, Themis, the Goddess of Justice, is a blindfolded woman holding a scale. Themis symbolizes the divine law and order. She created the known laws and maintained consistent organization, manifested through the cycle of time and seasons. 

Themis’ image also represents unbiased fairness, for which Libra is known. As a goddess of the moral order, she oversaw the building of fair trials and peace as a way to stabilize society. 

Themis is Astraea’s mother, who happens to be the symbol of the Maiden or Virgin representing Virgo in the zodiac. Astraea, Goddess of Innocence and Purity, sits in the sky next to her mother. According to Greek legend, Astraea left the Earth during a difficult time, and when she and her mother return again, they will bring Earth’s next utopia.

Libra Sun Element

Libra displays the element of AIR, a sign that is capable of creating a harmonious situation that works to their advantage. The Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are all different, but they share a curious and sociable personality. If something needs to be imagined, daydreamed, or idealized, then look towards an Air sign.

The Air signs are excellent communicators and enjoy social interaction more than most. They can make friends easily and are naturally adept within a large group. With an ability to create ideas from their daydreams, Air signs must work to ground their energy to avoid living inside their head for too long.

Libra Sun Quality

Libra is a CARDINAL sign, which evokes a sense of leadership or ability to ignite a movement and run the show. The four cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) each usher in a different season throughout the year. They are original, innovative, and capable of great things.

Being a Cardinal Air sign, Libra initiates movement by presenting balanced ideas. Cardinal Air is the creative force behind any substantial transformation.

Libra Ruling Planet

VENUS rules the sign of Libra. Venus, known as the Roman Goddess of Love, is the planet of love, values, beauty, and affection. A Libra will work hard to never stray from their set of values, which often means being a loving parent and peacemaker. Venus represents self-possession, and Libra tends to be confident in their dealings. They act according to their own merits, which allows them to keep a steady balance when things get off course.

Libra Sun Mantra

I balance my relationships by honoring truth, fairness, and harmony.

Libra Personality and Purpose

When your Sun is in Libra, you are a harmonious example of fairness. You make an excellent mediator because you can see each side while reserving judgment. Facts are essential to you. Libra energy is trustworthy, so your final opinion is likely in the best interests of everyone involved.   

As an extremely diplomatic sign, Libra expects others to resolve their issues using a logical mind. Analytical thought is a natural ability for most Libras. You are capable of sifting through difficult situations and presenting your opinions most diplomatically. 

There is no guessing where Libra stands on an issue as you are not shy about telling the world. You have very strong beliefs that lend to clear-cut opinions. If a debate comes up, then you are in your element. Libra’s favorite pastime is to argue about anything and everything.

They can be gullible or easily fooled in romantic situations because they idealize their partner rather than allow flaws to speak for themselves. A Libra tries always to see the best in people, but if the partnership is toxic, Libra will stick it out indefinitely. A Libra will let a partner walk all over them for a long time, but eventually, you will realize that restoring balance is impossible. At that point, Libra makes an emotionless exit.

You are an easygoing partner, but require a lot of emotional support. If your partner is unwilling to provide that support, you will sacrifice your needs to keep the relationship afloat. Loud arguments seem too abrasive to a Libra, and that is something you strive to avoid.

It is common for a Libra to go out of their way to protect the feelings of a loved one. You may even go so far as to ignore the shortcomings of a lover. If someone close to you scrutinizes your choice of partner or how your partner is treating you, you may become disheartened or angry.

Libra energy strives for peace through the acceptance of our differences. You show the world affection and respect because it is the right thing to do. If Libra could craft society, harmonious beauty would be the final result.

When you were younger, your beautiful heart was just as noticeable as it is in adulthood. You were fair and avoided choosing between friends, parents, siblings, or toys. A social child, you took pride in patrolling your behaviors, but might be disciplined for talking and debating too often.

As a sincere sign, you are tactful with criticism. A Libra loves to be admired, attended to, and valued; therefore, you treat others in the same manner.

Your value to humanity is sometimes taken for granted. Libra energy helps the world see the importance of being of service to humankind.

Libra Compatibility

Libra is most compatible with Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and other Air signs.

Are you a cusp?

If the description of Libra Sun is characteristic of your personality, you may find several of your planets are aligned with this sign, element, or quality. If very little of the description represents your persona, then other signs in your chart may carry more substantial aspects. Also, if you were born on a cusp, which is when your birthday is within a few days of the Sun’s move from one zodiac sign to the next, then your Sun might not be the most accurate representation of your potential. Being on a cusp means you display the traits of two different Sun signs or a unique blend of the two.

Read on for your other planetary placements, which give more insight.