Is your SUN in Aries?

The World of Aries

Aries Sun Symbol

The symbol of the ram represents Aries in the zodiac. The story behind this symbol is full of heroic acts and daring characters standing up for what is right. The tale is perfect for an Aries Sun!

According to Greek mythology, Nephele, a cloud nymph, marries Athamas, King of Orchomenus. They have two children together and live happily for many years. After a time, though, he moves on to another beauty, Ino. The breakup does not go over well at all.

Nephele, angered at the idea of being replaced, fled the city, and left a horrible drought in her wake. Athamas’ land and all his people were slowly dying.  Ino, who harbored deep jealousy at the thought of her husband having children with another, convinces Athamas that his best course of action would be to sacrifice his curly-haired son, Phrixos, to the Gods. Ino argued that the sacrifice would not be in vain. That heroic act would end the drought and save the city. 

Nephele catches wind of the plot to murder her son and employs Chrysomallos to rescue her children. Chrysomallos, a winged ram bearing beautiful golden wool, carried Phrixos and Helle over the sea, but Helle fell off the ram and tragically drowned. With only one rider remaining, Chrysomallos instructs the boy to sacrifice him once they return to Colchis. Phrixos is to place the ram at the feet of Ares, the god of war. 

After its heroic and selfless act, the ram was interred amongst the stars becoming the constellation Aries. His golden fleece became a thing of legend, growing to symbolize leadership, authority, rule, and protection befitting of an Aries Sun.

Aries Sun Element

Aries displays the FIRE element and tends to be the sign to push forward and take the initiative. The Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) are all different, but they burn hot at their core.  As they prefer life to be grand, these fire signs produce an out-going, passionate, dramatic, and temperamental personality. People born under a fire sign will use intuition to guide their decisions and feel things out with their gut instincts. This impulsive nature can work in their favor or not. If they turn out too forceful or egotistical, then they may find battle after battle with those around them.

Like fire, these signs can run the risk of igniting, especially if someone challenges their authority. With a larger-than-life persona, the fire signs can push things too far sometimes. They suffer from burn-out after lengthy periods of high-octane living. Regardless, their passion for adventure and competitive spirit make life interesting.

Aries Sun Quality

Aries is a CARDINAL sign that evokes a sense of leadership and the ability to ignite a movement. They run the show. The four cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) each usher in a different season throughout the year. They are original, innovative, and capable of great things.

Being a Cardinal Fire sign, Aries is the catalyst, the one who inspires. A Cardinal Fire sign has real vision.

Aries Ruling Planet

MARS rules the sign of Aries. Mars, known as the Roman God of War, is the planet of direct and forceful action. Aries is looking for challenges to overcome and enjoy the exhilaration that comes from competition. This sign never backs down from a fight and likely has the scars to prove that. Emboldened by the energy of Mars, Aries have limitless courage in the face of adversity.

Aries Sun Mantra

I am a fiery inspiration set to take over the world.

Personality and Purpose

When your Sun is in Aries, you tend towards independence and act as the zodiac’s pioneer or trailblazer. If a leader is needed, then you step up without hesitation. Often needing to be the boss in every situation, you are willing to sacrifice for others because they would see you as a hero. You don’t particularly care to be told what to do, so it works best if you are in charge. Plus, you wouldn’t listen anyway if someone tried telling you what to do.

Aries are immune to other people’s opinions and go about their lives, doing precisely what they want. You don’t feel embarrassed by your experiences and discuss everything. Knowing people could learn from your life, you are willing to put it all out there.

An Aries has the confidence to lecture on any topic with ease. You have a booming voice, which turns heads, but more than that, you are unafraid to say whatever you feel. If someone dares to argue, then all the better. Aries continues past the point when everyone else gives up because anything less would be a failure.

Your romantic life must be exciting. Naturally, Aries would love the chase, but must watch out for any controlling or jealous behavior! You hate being criticized in any way and expect loyalty because that is what you give in return.

Your energy radiates a dominance that can either inspire others towards leadership or alienate others if you aren’t conscious of your actions. Often Aries consider their perspective to be more attractive, interesting, or viable, so make sure to be inclusive with other people. Your greatest fear is being disliked or dismissed, which would not be an issue if you were mindful of outside opinions.

When you were younger, adults found it difficult to persuade you to do things outside your sphere of interest. You were likely good at memorizing and retaining information, such as names, dates, and obscure facts. You do best when taught gently because if someone orders you around, then you will fight back.

Aries are generous, strict, and loyal. You will make a good parent when you realize that it doesn’t help to perpetuate the bossy behavior you dislike so much. Giving affection and support will be your key to success.

Aries are typically tall and lean, but they are always “strong-looking” even when carrying a few extra pounds. They walk around with an air of importance.


Aries is most compatible with Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and other Fire signs.

Are you a cusp?

If the description of Aries Sun is characteristic of your personality, you may find several of your planets are aligned with this sign, element, or quality. If very little of the description represents your persona, then other signs in your chart may carry more substantial aspects. Also, if you were born on a cusp, which is when your birthday is within a few days of the Sun’s move from one zodiac sign to the next, then your Sun might not be the most accurate representation of your potential. Being on a cusp means you display the traits of two different Sun signs or a unique blend of the two.

Read on for your other planetary placements, which give more insight.