SATURN influences your career and the hard work you put forth. This planet’s energy surrounds your commitment to growth through life lessons.


When Saturn is in Aries, you are a high achiever once you learn to control your fear of failure.

Saturn in Aries Growth Keyword: Discipline


When Saturn is in Taurus, you are strong enough to create with purpose, but a sense of insecurity or loss could hold you back.

Saturn in Taurus Growth Keyword: Strength


When Saturn is in Gemini, your capacity to lead and educate could be hampered by negative thoughts and feelings.

Saturn in Gemini Growth Keyword: Organization


When Saturn is in Cancer, your strength of self and ability to care for others could be hindered by constant worry or resentment.

Saturn in Cancer Growth Keyword: Self-Care


When Saturn is in Leo, your fear of being controlled and the inability to express your valuable traits could hold you back.

Saturn in Leo Growth Keyword: Confidence


When Saturn is in Virgo, your need to critique and your dedication to a daily routine could cause disturbances in your relationships.

Saturn in Virgo Growth Keyword: Relaxation


When Saturn is in Libra, your natural ability to judge fairly could be hindered by unnecessary indecision.

Saturn in Libra Growth Keyword: Balance


When Saturn is in Scorpio, your willpower is reliable, but emotionally you hide the full expression of yourself.

Saturn in Scorpio Growth Keyword: Understanding


When Saturn is in Sagittarius, a dogmatic nature could cause you to become too stiff.

Saturn in Sagittarius Growth Keyword: Enthusiasm


When Saturn is in Capricorn, your sense of responsibility and need to succeed could cause an internal struggle with pessimism.

Saturn in Capricorn Growth Keyword: Reasonable


When Saturn is in Aquarius, your common sense and realistic approach make scientific, technological, and humanitarian progress a reality.

Saturn in Aquarius Growth Keyword: Trust


When Saturn is in Pisces, you tend to feel cynical about displaying your feelings, which is at odds with your true nature as a relaxed individual.

Saturn in Pisces Growth Keyword: Light-Heartedness