What does your MOON say about you?

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”

—Mark Twain

The MOON in your birth chart represents your emotional self, the unconscious reactions, and instinct living within. Sometimes this is the stuff you keep hidden inside because instinctive behavior is frowned upon in society. Your secrets, jealous moods, and triggers come through the Moon, but so do the positive instincts. Feelings of spontaneous joy and emotional delight in the little things are linked to the Moon.

Knowing someone’s moon sign provides a wealth of information about their inner world and what they need to feel emotionally fulfilled. Recognizing and nurturing your deepest insecurities leads to healing.


When your moon is in Aries, you tend to move away from difficult emotions as quickly as possible. Your need for control pushes you to withdraw from emotional situations as they are not within your power. Work through your feelings instead of pushing them down and getting angry or temperamental instead. Everyone bends over backward to help you when you need it.

Aries Moon Lesson

Confront your vulnerability as a means of personal survival.


When your moon is in Taurus, you require outside forces to create a sense of happiness and self-worth. Relying on personal relationships or material items for your emotional stability requires you to attract people and situations that are consistent with your needs. Your steadiness is respectable, but know that emotional growth is essential, too.  Adapt to changes when you feel you can comfortably do so.

Taurus Moon Lesson

Trust that everything you need is already within you.


When your moon is in Gemini, you possess a direct need to communicate your feelings. A lunar Gemini will talk, write, text, or sign their message to express the ideas flowing through their minds. If they feel judged, their confidence will take a negative hit and disrupt communication. 

Gemini Moon Lesson

Your natural versatility and adaptability will carry you toward success.


When your moon is in Cancer, you need security in your life and can be a bit clingy. You are a natural nurturer and welcome familial comfort. With their fun-loving sense of humor, they make wonderful parents. Sometimes past hurts can stick with you far too long, but only because you care so much about other people.

Cancer Moon Lesson

All the comfort you afford others makes you a central figure in their lives.


When your moon is in Leo, you adore being adored. Lunar Leos are royalty in their minds, and any attention paid will keep them by your side. Similar to royalty, they love the spotlight but tend towards laziness as other people should take care of the details. If Lunar Leos are hurt or disregarded, they could shut down emotionally for an extended period. With a proud heart, they are extremely giving.

Leo Moon Lesson

Find growth and adaptability through practiced changes.


When your moon is in Virgo, you are a gentle reminder that an organized life is best accomplished through a routine. Your need for an orderly schedule can rub some people the wrong way, but that only happens when you’re meant to learn a lesson about letting go of the need to be right. Connect with the natural world to find harmony.

Virgo Moon Lesson

Take a moment to ground your energy and focus your breath.


When your moon is in Libra, you epitomize the symbolic fairness of the scales. Emotionally, you can go up and down due to a need to appease everyone around you, which serves you an unfair hand. Ignoring your needs in exchange for keeping everyone else happy pushes you further from quality relationships. 

Libra Moon Lesson

Assert your needs with confidence and expect a balanced life.


When your moon is in Scorpio, you are naturally an intense person. In relationships, you dig deep to discover what makes your partner tick emotionally, then expect commitments to be as intense as you are, which can cause some upheaval in your life. Focus on kindness instead of jealousy. Not everyone is as introspective as you are, and that is something you must learn to accept.

Scorpio Moon Lesson

Your emotional range is an asset but must be consciously processed.


When your moon is in Sagittarius, you hold to the nature of this sign; you’re lucky! You enjoy travel and adventure, which bring a sense of fun-loving joy. Sometimes possessing a need to be the intellectual authority, you could come off as self-righteous. Communicate emotional truths with a light-hearted air, and they will be more readily accepted.

Sagittarius Moon Lesson

Don’t let emotional lessons pass you by as you could be sacrificing necessary growth.


When your moon is in Capricorn, you possess a natural ability to be in control. Whether in business or relationships, Lunar Capricorns are a tough lot. You can come across as cold to other people, but that is a result of your ability to control your emotional self. Keeping an eye on the long-term, you risk emotional detachment in order to meet deadlines.

Capricorn Moon Lesson

Real emotional security is gained when you relinquish control and allow space for feeling.


When your moon is in Aquarius, you portray somewhat shy or reserved energy, which allows you to detach and fade into the background. Your observations of human nature have taught you not to be ruled by your emotions, rather feel them and move on. You enjoy certain eccentric behaviors, and technology could both astound and baffle you.

Aquarius Moon Lesson

Compassion grows with the understanding that people can feel deeply for as long as they may need.


When your moon is in Pisces, you have a sharp, intuitive focus that allows for deep empathy. Needing a dream-like existence, Lunar Pisces often find themselves escaping reality one way or another. You feel everything so deeply, and that can cause you to withdraw in order to deal. Artistic pursuits tend to calm a Lunar Pisces.

Pisces Moon Lesson

Your open heart teaches how to feel compassion for all humanity.