MERCURY, in your birth chart, represents your ability to communicate effectively and truthfully. This planet rules the mental connection and attention displayed in your life.


When Mercury is in Aries, your temper is a contributing factor in many arguments. You are a quick-thinker, but must be aware of any aggressive tendencies that make you appear too intimidating. 

Mercury in Aries Focal Point: Inspiring others


When Mercury is in Taurus, practicality, and stability of mind is a dynamic trait that can lead to the creation of some extremely valuable ideas. Your stubborn nature may cause you to resist innovative changes and side with the conventional.

Mercury in Taurus Focal Point: Acknowledging the value found in collaboration


When Mercury is in Gemini, constant communication is key. You ask so many questions and can remember bits of trivia from a multitude of topics. Above all, you can talk…a lot. You may even speak so much about every subject that you find very little communication took place.

Mercury in Gemini Focal Point: Focus your energy on one interest rather than many


When Mercury is in Cancer, your emotions play a central role in how you communicate with others. You speak with kindness, but your mutable moods can lead to a sharp tongue. When words fail you, use your emotional prowess to communicate how much you care.

Mercury in Cancer Focal Point: Awareness of your sensitive soul


When Mercury is in Leo, an ability to communicate keeps the spotlight aimed directly at you. Your ability to evoke passion and drama creates an excellent opportunity to become an actor. Find balance in your interactions with others.

Mercury in Leo Focal Point: Aim for equal parts listening and lecturing.


When Mercury is in Virgo, your analytical mind creates a beautiful environment for detailed communication. With a tendency towards perfectionism, you must remember that simple confidence plays a role in effective communication. 

Mercury in Virgo Focal Point: It’s okay to be human.


When Mercury is in Libra, your natural ability to mediate plays well during stressful situations. You are excellent with words and even better with jokes. Remember that integrity comes when you choose to be honest rather than appease your audience.

Mercury in Libra Focal Point: Harmony is my birthright.


When Mercury is in Scorpio, your intensity spurs you to probe until the mystery is solved. Sometimes your expressions become sexual, but it’s part of your raw truth. You like being in control and keep a lot of secrets to ensure your power is never lost. 

Mercury in Scorpio Focal Point: Shared secrets have the power to transform.


When Mercury is in Sagittarius, your energy is light, and your intellectual mind is ready to share some quick-fire repartee. Often irresponsible and reckless with your actions, you recognize that everything works out in the end.

Mercury in Sagittarius Focal Point: Offer your undivided attention.


When Mercury is in Capricorn, you project an authority to others, which is often trusted. Your serious tone can build credibility, but it can also become too much for some people. With a logical mind, you find yourself speaking the truth. 

Mercury in Capricorn Focal Point: Don’t take yourself so seriously.


When Mercury is in Aquarius, you think outside the box. When appropriately communicated, your ideas revolutionize humanity. You can come across as brittle or cold, so, focus on connecting with others in an attempt to be more sensitive.

Mercury in Aquarius Focal Point: Express your sensitive side.


When Mercury is in Pisces, your visions communicate best through artistic means. With a dreamy aura, you express creativity in a visionary manner. Sometimes you get lost in your daydreams, which distracts your connection to others.

Mercury in Pisces Focal Point: Maintain a sense of reality.