MARS influences your level of initiative and how you assert yourself in situations. The instinctual drive you possess for action are aspects of Mars.


When Mars is in Aries, your tendency towards rash and abrasive behavior could conflict with the fulfillment of your desires.


When Mars is in Taurus, you move with slow, deliberate steps towards your goal. Your stubborn nature keeps propelling you forward.


When Mars is in Gemini, your energy asserts itself through words, which may turn into a combative argument when threatened.


When Mars is in Cancer, you initiate the protection of your loved ones by implementing safety measures before taking any permanent action.


When Mars is in Leo, your enthusiasm and radiant energy put you directly at the forefront of any action.


When Mars is in Virgo, you analyze the details and fine print, then look closely at the situation and create a strategic plan of action.


When Mars is in Libra, your indecisive nature holds you back from action, creating an atmosphere of discord.


When Mars is in Scorpio, your secretive nature could alienate others and breed mistrust in your motives, which creates the drama you love so much.


When Mars is in Sagittarius, you act according to your freedom, take risks at will, and hold nothing back in a debate.


When Mars is in Capricorn, your ambitious nature urges decisive action to secure your goals and manifest your dreams.


When Mars is in Aquarius, your scattered and unique thoughts combined with an independent spirit coalesce into dynamic creations.


When Mars is in Pisces, your feelings can get the best of you in difficult moments leading you to beat yourself up about your unpleasant reactions.