Who Are You?

Astrology and the Self

A daily or weekly horoscope is a fun novelty, but there is much more to astrology than just your Sun sign! Your REAL horoscope is a complete map of your personality, complete with different planets in different signs in different houses. 

Astrology is a window into what makes you, YOU!

What’s YOUR Sign?

Astrology is a type of divination that forecasts situations, events, energies, and tendencies based on the observation of celestial bodies. The interpretation of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets allows astrologers to understand what energy will preside over earthly happenings.

Everyone has ten planets in their chart, which reside in a certain sign and a certain house. The influence of the celestial bodies is varied, but the trends within each are definitely worth looking into.

Astrologers, and those interested in the practice, believe that an understanding of the impact of the planets and stars allows for a system of predictions to occur. Predictive Astrology is fascinating, but I practice natal astrology as my central focus.

Navigating the Self

Focusing on the individual and the areas where we can understand ourselves better is profoundly important at this time in history. The exploration of ourselves helps us recognize our habits and tendencies, both positive and negative. When we have a firm grasp of our energy, we can begin to appreciate others, too. All the seemingly separate aspects of humanity fade, and we begin to come together as one.

Astrology will never take away life’s difficult lessons, but it will help you navigate your way through. It will help you create compatible relationships and take chances that make more sense. Astrology will guide you to work on yourself and become more patient if you so choose.

The first step is creating a birth chart.

What is a Birth Chart?

Your Sun Sign is only a small piece of the astrological puzzle that creates your personality. The placement of the planets and neighboring celestial bodies at the exact moment you were born gives deep insights into your character in ways you couldn’t imagine!

Your emotional self, life purpose, love life, strengths and weaknesses, and past life influences are all aspects of your birth (or natal) chart. When you understand your unique report, you gain limitless confidence in your ability to navigate this lifetime!

Here are the planetary components of your birth chart and what each represents:

The Sun to Mars
Jupiter to Pluto

When interpreting your full horoscope, using a computer program for casting your chart is a quick and easy way to calculate what once were very complicated mathematical processes. 

The interpretation of the chart remains rather involved.

Many professional astrologers are available to interpret your chart and the internet is filled with interpretations of the planets and houses. All you have to do is look. Your soul will always resonate with the interpretations that are meant for your highest good.

Given the large amount of source material available, you are more than capable of interpreting your own chart and the charts of your friends and family.

chart drawing