About the Author

Stephanie Crawford-Faubel is a professional educator, writer, and mystic. She holds a B.A. in Integrated Language Arts and an M.A. in Adult Education. Her personal and professional pursuits center around sharing creative and inspirational material while helping others grow.

A Mystical Narrative

With a curious mind and a serious love for stories, Stephanie relies on the narrative form to inform the world around her. Beyond her formal training in Language Arts and Education, she studied, practiced, taught, and researched reincarnation, oracle readings, tarot cards, reiki, numerology, spiritual connection, and our place in the Universe. These aspects all tell a story about who we are, where we are heading, and what our life purpose has in store. 

With many years working as a high school English teacher, Stephanie has a healthy love of the narrative form. Experiencing the transformative power of story within the classroom has revolutionized her life. She has since followed her spiritual and imaginative paths to become a Reiki Master, card reader, and creative writer. Stephanie’s purpose is to use her intuitive gifts and the written word to help those around her open up to a world of mystical possibilities. 

A Purposeful Life

Many different paths can lead to the true expression of our soul. The purpose of this website is to become one of those avenues. Stephanie created Inspired Creatively as a tool to help inspire, connect, grow, and prosper. She intends to serve humanity creatively as we move into a powerful new era.

The information provided on Inspired Creatively will reinforce our planet’s positive spiritual evolution while celebrating each individual’s paths and creative needs. Everyone is welcome to share the information provided here. The power of a narrative can be life-changing when we connect to the vibration of the story.

Offering readings, articles, teaching materials, classes, and various mystical guidance, Inspired Creatively is destined to create a positive impact on your life and all the paths you encounter along the way.