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January 2022: Prepare and Plan for Life’s Abundance

Preparation, Planning, and Patience

Welcome to our new year, 2022! Energetically, this is a 6 year in numerology (2+0+2+2 = 6), and harmony is the prime operative. The Universe will realign your life to create more balance, harmony, creativity, and love. Whatever that means for your path is left up to circumstance. Therefore, January 2022 is not the time to give up on anything you wish to create. It is coming in one form or another, so the more open you are to accepting the new, the easier it will be!

You are WORTHY

For January 2022, stop second-guessing and understand that you are worthy of everything and anything. Resolve to stick to your path and have faith in a positive outcome. Keep working, make a long-term plan, implement action steps, or be patient. Just because you may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t mean it’s not right around the bend. Focus on what you want and keep hope alive in your heart. Everything is going to work out if you maintain faith in the future.

Release Burdens

Put aside any unnecessary worry you have been carrying in January. Releasing fear, however, is easier said than done. It may take some patience and awareness to practice release, but you will be better off. Feeling lighter by confronting the shadow will help balance you out.

Even if things don’t work out exactly as you want, the Universe holds your highest good in mind because your highest good is the ultimate goal! Something better is always around the corner, and you are being asked to trust that this is your truth. Whatever you are creating for the future needs to be considered. Surrender your need to control and allow your intuition to guide your behavior. These simple changes in January will make all the difference in 2022!

January 2022

Sun Sign and Rising Sign

Oracle Forecast

January urges the collective to release the heavy burdens that keep us hiding under fear and worry. The long-term plans you hold are working out per your highest good!

Each of the Sun signs and Rising signs have a special message from the Universe. Read the description of your Sun and Rising to find your message(s). Then, move forward with confidence in yourself and your inspired path!


What do you value the most? Peace, material items, love, comfort, healing? These questions will be a central theme in the new year, Aries. January brings everything you WANT, but you must sort out exactly what you NEED first. You are the creator of the abundance you seek. So the first step is placing value on yourself and your needs. Once your vibration matches the energy of what you desire, there is no stopping the flow of abundance. The time to doubt is over, and the time to manifest is here! Full steam ahead this new year, Aries!


January is a great month to use your stubborn nature to your advantage! Stay the course and accept any setbacks as learning opportunities. Don’t waste any effort underrating yourself because your fortitude is a blessing in the new year! Be honest with yourself by accepting what you need to grow. Quit being so critical, throw away any obsessive tendencies around perfection, and loosen the need to worry about things that don’t matter. If you use your energy second-guessing your choices, you will lose out on the opportunity to raise humanity’s vibrations.


Holding a grudge or holding on to the past diverts you from your desired future. The new year is here to show you a new path. The past is the past, and to have a bright future ahead, you must heal and move forward with the knowledge you’ve gained. This requires you to confront what lingers in the shadow. Things go according to plan in January if you take the necessary steps to recover. Then, as if by magic, all the puzzle pieces fall into place. Take your time, be patient with the situation, and accept all the self-care you need. Anything is possible on this path.


Emotions are running high in the new year but know that things will work out according to plan. In January, feelings seem to explode around you, which forces you to acknowledge any sensitivities you may ignore at other times. Dealing with everyone’s sensitive spots may be exhausting, but it’s essential. By ignoring your feelings and the feelings of others, an unbalanced world results. In addition, feeling your emotions helps you understand the situation and people around you more deeply. As you navigate your way through January, challenges will fall away, and you will overcome domestic concerns. Along with this, moving to a new home, stepping up as a leader, and overcoming insecurities are likely possibilities.


This new year is all about communication for you, Leo. Your words have power, for better or for worse. Lessons involving communication and acknowledging your needs have followed you for some time now. So speak your truth to find answers, but be aware that the things you say will impact a person or situation. Also, you might be close to a resolution or creating a new and exciting situation for yourself in January. It could be a job, or a relationship shift. So go forth and make the magic you deserve. Just know, you have to use your words wisely, so you don’t cause any problems for yourself in the process.


This new year begs you to release what is not necessary, Virgo! The worry you carry is weighing you down and becoming a needless burden. Understanding that worry is a completely normal human reaction is helpful. Still, when it begins moving into paranoia and fear-based actions, then it needs to be confronted and. Face the shadow and allow yourself to feel what is beneath the worry. Release the toxic pieces of your life in January to move fully towards a more joyful 2022. Those nasty feelings or people that have been lurking in your bubble will fall away. A lot of emotions will surface, but this ending is welcomed energy.


This new year is a time filled with forwarding progress and ambitious energy. A movement or transition towards your dreams is happening in January. The growth is linked to your family, children, partner, roommates, or moving house. A new cycle is set in motion in 2022, and it will force you to put family first. Reconnect with your family, start a family, or give yourself the nurturing love we often put aside. If your emotions get the better of you during this transition, meditate, spend time near water, or find silence. Rest assured, this transition is going to be in your favor.


January is an exciting time for Scorpio and the new year promises change for your highest good! Everything you are going through is for your highest and best good. The Universe has given you the green light to move forward on something you have been waiting for, which is excellent news. Changes are happening as you push ahead. Let things fall away, and if uncomfortable feelings arise, try to feel them and honor them as part of your journey. New beginnings can cause some residual emotion to surface, and it’s best to accept it and then move past it when you are ready. On the other side, a path will lead to a significant turning point. Enjoy the ride!


A new beginning is coming in the realm of your profession in the new year. If you have been working hard to manifest a dream job, get ready to receive it in January! If you have felt unhappy or unfulfilled in your career, this month’s energy is perfect for beginning the manifestation process. Look within and be honest about what you want. Plan a few months or even into the following year. Where would you be happy ending up? Once you find your answers, take the time to think about the action steps needed to get there. The Universe will provide opportunities and open doors as long as you walk through the doors. Get disciplined and believe in your ambitious dreams. You deserve to achieve what you want.


Get moving right away in the new year, Capricorn! The Universe has lit a fire under you, and it is guiding your movement down the right path. If you were about to give up on your dreams, then let January be a sign of letting go of that mindset and replacing it with your brand of determination. Slow your mind, plan for the year, expect new energies to enter your life, and allow your dreams to come true. This month is the beginning of a beautiful cycle of manifestation, which will start you down a path of success. So go ahead and dream big because it’s your time to commit to a beautiful future! Cheers to 2022!


What do you believe is possible for you in 2022, Aquarius? Your answer to that question will define the future of your situation and the course January will take. If you are committed to your dreams, you should have confidence in their manifestation. If you are unsure, then expect a similar result from the Universe. So keep putting in the effort for your commitments. If you want to give up entirely and start something new, then that is fine, too! No matter what you decide, commit to where you want to put your effort. Challenges met with confidence and commitment will resolve as they were meant to in 2022!


The new year continues your lucky streak, Pisces! The lessons from your past have helped you create a beautiful new future. You are the creator of the beautiful life you live and deserve a massive pat on the back for all the healing and growth you have accomplished. Celebrate how far you have come while continuing to confront your anxious feelings this January. 2022 enters your life with hope and new beginnings; the place you are now is your desires manifested. Shake away any stagnant pieces of your life and allow in the new energies, people, and situations. All the work you put in along the way is paying off, and positive blessings surround you this January!

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