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New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

Some Big Changes Are Coming! What to Expect...

It’s Sagittarius Season!

November 22nd kicked off Sagittarius season and we are in store for the ride of our lives. Typical to Sagittarius form, change is coming and it can either be an exciting good time if you relax and flow OR it is going to be somewhat uncomfortable for those of us who resist the coming months. Because Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, rules Sagittarius, they carry a little extra sparkle around. Check your chart and see where Jupiter falls. You could be pretty lucky in that area of your life!  would suggest you harness the lighthearted energy of Sagittarius and embody some lucky changes to come!

When is the December 2021 New Moon in Sagittarius?

The New Moon in Sagittarius is arriving in the early morning hours of December 4th (or LATE Friday night on December 3rd if you are on the East Coast), and the 2 minutes of eclipse energy during this New Moon will be a powerful blast for us all. Leading up to and after this New Moon Eclipse, you may feel emotional, have some crazy dreams, and get very sleepy.

New Moons are potent times for planting the seeds for ideas, plans, and actions you want to grow over the coming weeks. However, you may want to take a back seat and let the Universe drive this time.

How will the energy manifest for your Rising Sign?

Locate the House your Rising Sign will be in for the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius.

1st House Sagittarius Rising

The 1st house is all about beginnings, Sagittarius. It determines your appearance, image, and identity. So, on this New Moon, look for your outward appearance and new endeavors to undergo some grand changes as you surge towards your destiny.

2021 gave clues as to the changes coming during the New Moon Eclipse. Therefore, surrender the parts of your identity, image, and personality that no longer serve who you indeed to become.

2nd House Scorpio Rising

The 2nd house relates to your sense of stability and security. With how you make money and your material possessions, this house roots itself in the physical. A Solar Eclipse in your second house brings changes in the material, meaning the way you gain abundance. Your values, self-esteem and self-worth, income, and how you feel in your bodies will be affected by eclipse energy.

Begin to consider your earnings and what you expect your money to do for you. Then, look over the last year and consider the small shifts in abundance, confidence, and stability that have taken place, too. These clues will help clarify the way your 2nd house changes will manifest. 

3rd House Libra Rising

The 3rd house rules communication: ideas, thoughts, speech, written expression, and your image online and in the media. When eclipse energy affects the 3rd house, your typical ways of communication will get a revamp.  Because this house is about community, neighborhoods, siblings, local travel, and education, expect the eclipse to impact your contacts with the community directly surrounding you.

A Solar Eclipse in your 3rd house helps renew communications with family and your inner circle. Expect to connect with siblings, childhood friends, neighbors, or anyone you see on a day-to-day basis.

4th House Virgo Rising

The 4th house rules over your home and foundation. It considers your family, private life, mother energy, and generational patterns.  The New Moon Eclipse energy will help you assess what makes you feel “at home” and safe. A sense of security in your environment will be apparent.

A Solar Eclipse in your 4th house will help reset and redesign your home life for the better. The eclipse will bring relationships with your parents and dealings from the past to light. Work through any complicated feelings and release what no longer serves you moving forward.

5th House Leo Rising

The 5th house centers on creativity, romance, entertainment, expression, and joy. This is the fertile house because it rules the creation of all things—meaning how we birth our artistic works into the world and the creation of children. A New Moon Eclipse in this house will accentuate your celebratory self. Expect art, creativity, children, and romance to be central figures in your life.

A Solar Eclipse in your 5th house redesigns how you express yourself artistically and romantically. If you feel a lull in these areas, expect them to boom with joy and celebration as they rush to be set free.

6th House Cancer Rising

The 6th house reflects how you can be of service. This house focuses on your duty to your environment and yourself, which comes as health and nutrition. A New Moon Eclipse in the 6th house will bring change in the form of your routines and your lifestyle choices.

A Solar Eclipse in your 6th house redesigns your daily habits in one form or another. It could be a change in how you complete tasks or how you take care of your body by eating healthier and getting regular exercise. So, where are you pulled to put more effort and serve?

7th House Gemini Rising

The 7th house is concerned with committed relationships and our close partnerships with the people we are in contact with regularly. We get to know who we are outside of being an individual when interacting with others. The 7th house also looks to create balance and harmony through judicial or legal means. A New Moon Eclipse in this house will help you understand your relationships better and develop a sense of unity where there was a misunderstanding before.

A Solar Eclipse in the 7th house balances your life through the other people you connect with regularly. This new beginning can create better opportunities in relationships and business. 

8th House Taurus Rising

The 8th house rules over the rebirth and death cycle. This house has to do with transformation and the mysterious nature of the Universe. People and things are drawn together through the deep connections we unconsciously share. Intimacy, healing, shared property or finances, and growth all reside within the energy of the 8th house. A New Moon Eclipse in this house will change the way you work with others and how you choose to show yourself on an intimate level.  

A Solar Eclipse in the 8th house will be transformative in every way. You may gain money, property, or love, but it will all be because of the growth you make in a relationship.

9th House Aries Rising

The 9th house is concerned with expanding thought, philosophy, and higher learning. Expansion through travel or a journey is rooted in this house, while so is religion, morals, open-mindedness, publishing, and teaching. Gaining wisdom and looking at things through a larger lens expands the 9th house. A New Moon Eclipse in this house creates opportunities for you to revise morals and your vision.  Looking towards the future will help you expand along a comfortable path.

A Solar Eclipse in the 9th house resets your outdated thinking by clarifying new ideas that help you expand your world. If there is an opportunity to learn, teach, write, or travel, follow that path!

10th House Pisces Rising

The 10th house represents your public life. Our career and goals and the drive and determination to meet with success and fame are all ruled by the 10th house. A New Moon Eclipse in this house would highlight your need to gain recognition in your line of work. This time could be where you step up to be seen or leave a legacy behind as you move on to greener pastures.

A Solar Eclipse in your 10th house redesigns your ambition and determination. If you lack drive, expect a determined fight to rise within. First, ask yourself what level of success you intend to create for yourself.  Then, allow yourself to be seen and stand out.

11th House Aquarius Rising

The 11th house rules friend groups, organizations, and networks of people. This could be a group fighting for a cause or a team fighting for a win. The 11th house connects groups of people who have a similar mission. It’s also associated with the future and our hopes and ideals. A New Moon Eclipse in this house would bring about anything unexpected, revolutionary, inventive, eccentric, rebellious, or insightful. 

A Solar Eclipse in your 11th house will completely redesign how you work within a group. It could also vastly adjust the group’s mission based on updated ideals and revolutionary new insights. Find a community of people who share a similar mind to yours and see what happens.

12th House Capricorn Rising

The 12th house is the last house on the wheel, and it is associated with the hidden and the deep. Intuition, imagination, dream states, and the unconscious are profound aspects of the mind, as old age and endings are the deeper ends of time. Retreat, healing, spirituality, and connection link to the 12th house. A New Moon Eclipse in this house will undoubtedly bring up surrender and sacrifice. 

A Solar Eclipse in your 12th house will reset your notion of healing by forcing you to surrender the outdated and begin adopting healthier ways to deal with your problems. In what ways do you escape your problems or sabotage your goals? In what ways do you keep yourself closed off from healing?


Stephanie is a teacher, both academically and spiritually, offering a variety of information and skills. A former high school English teacher by day, Stephanie has been immersed in spiritual teachings such as meditation, reiki, astrology, manifestation, numerology, and symbolism for over 15 years. As a student of the Universe, Stephanie brings these teachings to a level of understanding and application, which all people can comfortably utilize.

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