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The 2022 Yearly Oracle Forecast

"I am still making order out of chaos by reinvention."
John le Carre

Reinvention with Love

With each new year, the Universe offers a variety of energies to help us grow along our path, and the 2022 Oracle Forecast foresees a potentially advantageous situation for us all! First, the proffered energy this year creates opportunities on the personal level to feel life anew. Then, as each individual accepts healing within themselves, the collective grows more harmonious. 

The energy coming in 2022 offers the collective a chance to reinvent itself while personally taking responsibility for healing. The 2022 Oracle Forecast advises we accept the lessons; this shift will help us move towards balance after a lengthy period of collapse. An extraordinary period of reinvention will flow in 2022. 

2022 Forecasts Release

The 2022 Yearly Oracle Forecast urges the collective to move away from unhealthy attachments. We are all progressing, and moving forward comes with significant transformation. It’s not always easy to move on, even when we know it is in our best interests. So, take time to meditate and reflect. Reassure yourself that your past was full of precious lessons that will inform the future. On the other side of this situation, you will be an entirely new person contributing to the new collective energy. Transformation can be a happy or painful process; it is up to you to choose the path. If you release the past and any painful attachments, then you will be born anew. Allow yourself to change in a meaningful way.

Gaining Life Experience 

In disorder caused by change and transformation, there is always a glimmer of hope escaping. The message here is similar: the old, outdated energies must fall to rebuild a more peaceful and robust future. In tarot, this is referred to as a Tower Moment. Not only will we survive this experience, but the collective will prosper in the end. The new year ushers in a collective awakening as we confront outdated truths and release the systems that no longer work. If we do so optimistically, emotions will not consume us. If we choose to give in to worry and fear, the transition will come with unnecessary hardship. This is not the year to fight progress because it is coming whether we like it or now. 2022 is the year to flow with innovation.

Understanding the Road Ahead

It’s time to move on and leave the past behind. The 2022 Oracle Forecast shines with positive change. If we want the next phase of our collective evolution to begin, we must sacrifice what doesn’t fit anymore. People, businesses, ideologies, leaders, and general situations lacking integrity will not last much longer. These have held us back too long. Make peace with your past, choose to write a new narrative for the future, or else you will be left behind as the collective shifts forward towards a future that is energetically aligned with integrity. The disappointment will fade with time, and once we get a glimpse of what replaces the old, we will have a hard time looking back. Isn’t that always the way, though?

Welcoming a 6 Year Energy

In numerology, each year represents a specific energy cycle that coincides with numbers 1-9 (or master numbers 11, 22, 33, and so on). The philosophy behind numerology is similar to that of astrology, being that everything, numbers in this case, are imbued with evolving energy and meaning. Just like each zodiac sign, house, and planet flow into one another and influence each other, so do numbers.

To find each year’s specific energy, add all the numbers together and divide down until you get a single digit (1-9) number or a master number.

2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

The numerology energy for the universal year 6 resonates strongly with duty, responsibilities, home, and family, relationships, and finding balance through renewal and rebirth. The balance necessary in a 6 year works to find healing for the individual and the collective. This year, whatever is needed to restore harmony in our lives and our communities will be a central theme. 

What to Expect from the Universal 6 Year

If you are working on yourself this year and your goals, then expect the Universe to provide opportunities and energy that support you on your journey. Finding peace in your home or attracting love is always possible in a 6 year, but expect a journey through your shadow self to appear to attract the love you deserve. Step up to the responsibilities before you and accept them this year because you can’t run from the necessary alignment. Furthermore, this is the year to act on your intentions to heal your community and restore balance amongst the collective.

If it helps, look back on where you were in 2013 and the energy you felt in your life and the collective. Although we have evolved past those lessons, it’s still interesting to notice how the 6 energy manifests over time. You can also look back on the 2021 Oracle Forecast to see the effect a 5 year had on your Sun and Rising sign.

Your 2022 Sun and Rising Forecast

This yearly reading reports messages from the 12 Oracle readings I performed for each of the zodiac signs. Plus, any additional communications from Source are incorporated in the message. Scroll down to find your Sun sign and your Rising sign to get helpful news from the Universe along with the major themes for the year. Make 2022 the BEST energy for YOUR energy!

Don’t know your Sun and Rising? No problem! Click here for your birth chart.

Aries Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Aries Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Optimism
  • Balance
  • Relationships
  • Distractions
  • Memories
  • Expansion
  • Forgiveness
  • Curiosity

Honoring your inner child creates joy and optimism, which helps you to disregard fear and move toward your dreams.

Guidance for Aries Placements

The Universe is guiding you to expand your horizons and follow your dreams. Those around you know your potential for greatness, so explore what you find interesting, but mind you stay focused on the task. 2022 is a new beginning and guides you towards the next phase in your evolution. With the fire element present in Aries, use it to ignite your passion and fuel the creative spark. You would benefit from writing or expressing yourself on video. If there are any harmful elements or people in your life, you must release their energy as you continue on your path.

Look after yourself and your relationships. In this time of hard work, stress, or challenges, your focus is distracted from what matters. Whether the distraction is a person or a job (or both, plus other things), your energy is wrapped up in something you’re trying to improve while you are unintentionally neglecting other areas of your life. Yes, you can handle anything coming your way, but you don’t have to do that all the time. When you spread yourself too thin, you will break. Even though you are more than capable of multitasking, you still have to enjoy the ride. 

An energy shift or a shift in the people coming into your life changes the flow in 2022. People from your past could reappear without warning. Make sure you are looking back on your history as inspiration, but don’t get stuck there. Remember to use what you learned to help with your present situations, but take special care to remember the past correctly. Time has a way of changing the accuracy of our memories, both positively and negatively.

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Taurus Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Taurus Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Destiny
  • Change
  • Reflection
  • Wisdom
  • Endings
  • Fortune
  • Recovery
  • Resolution

Allow endings to teach you that informed change will transform your life for the better.

Guidance for Taurus Placements

In 2022 the idea that what goes up must come down again is front and center. After so long, every challenge changes course, and sudden movement forward gives you a reason to be thankful for some good luck. So, when you see that new door opening, walk through without hesitation. The Universe will get you where you need to be, but it’s up to you to accept.

With all this change, you benefit from some time alone. This time is pivotal to your spiritual development because you can reflect on decisions and direction. Taurus placements benefit greatly from solitude as it grounds their energy. People get lost in the energies of others, which breeds confusion. How can you know what direction is best if you are cut off from the map? Quiet your mind and accept the wisdom of your inner knowing. You will discover a path leading directly to your goals. Then, if it strikes you, mentor others in a similar position.

As you move through a season of transition in 2022, understand that you are made better by releasing people and situations that no longer serve your highest good. In all honesty, you have likely known this separation was coming for a while. Set yourself free from everything weighing you down. Being held back by a situation only furthers your uncomfortable feelings. Your time is best spent making new goals for your future. Look forward to healing and a beautiful future.

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Gemini Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Gemini Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Truth
  • Action
  • Friendship
  • Planning
  • Assertive
  • Celebration
  • Alignment
  • Creation

Your analytical mind and mental fortitude are essential as you develop new partnerships worth celebrating.

Guidance for Gemini Placements

2022 brings something unpredictable because the free will choices of many are involved. If you happen to receive difficult information, know that it is for the best. Someone is looking out for your best interests; this knowledge will leave you one step ahead, especially if something happens behind your back. You won’t be left in the dark.

With your natural courage and acute mind, you easily assert yourself emotionally. Express joy and gratitude when you are surrounded by friends and family who make you feel loved. Enjoy their company and dance with the energy of excitement, collaboration, and celebration. This year is about being thankful for the joy life brings. Celebrate a birth, wedding, graduation, anniversary, or new creation. Celebrate anything you can because with each cheerful celebration, you attract more goodness into your life.

Look towards the future and consider your goals, Gemini. This year is perfect for making a plan and mapping out the road ahead. You have already made a great start, so keep the momentum going! Begin making choices that help open your path up to new possibilities. Take any opportunity to partner with like-minded individuals because your mutual dreams will come true. Working together towards a goal will be fulfilling in your venture. 2022 might bring the unexpected, but it will be worth celebrating in the end!

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Cancer Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Cancer Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Manifestation
  • Achievement
  • Growth
  • Retreat
  • Reward
  • Introspection
  • Windfall
  • Peace

Hard work and manifestation have opened the flow of abundance. Take some time off to rest after this period of growth.

Guidance for Cancer Placements

The work you put in over the last few years will pay off big in 2022 as your manifestations take form. Expect a windfall to come your way and bring abundance into your life. Take notice of the resources flowing towards you. These resources could be money, advice, connections, or a helping hand. Think about the future and how your goals will play out over the coming weeks and months. Plan, invest or save wherever you notice an opportunity. Planting these tiny acorns will grow into a giant oak tree down the road. You are helping your future self and your family during this time of abundance.

Take a moment to quiet your mind and express sincere gratitude for your hard work, Cancer. Your diligence has produced a level of material comfort in your life, so feel free to celebrate. Enjoy this moment and release any guilt about being happy. You. Deserve. This. Moment. You would find joy starting a business of your creation, too. Material wealth brings a lot of freedom, which you would find being self-employed in 2022. Your goal was to find a place to be happy, secure, and prosperous. You did it!

The Universe is guiding you to look after yourself. In this time of hard work, stress, or challenges, your body requires comforting love. There is nobody better at comforting love than someone with a dominant Cancer placement! Recover your sense of stillness and watch as you emerge with invigorated energy. If you feel lost in worry or confusion, this is a sign of letting go of the situation. Struggling for answers only pushes resolution further from your grasp. Find a quiet moment to meditate and relax. Solutions come when we soften the mind and release control. The Universe is waiting to help you in 2022.

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Leo Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Leo Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Professional
  • Justice
  • Joy
  • Authority
  • Celebration
  • Responsibility
  • Balance
  • Harmony

Use your power for good because every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

Guidance for Leo Placements

2022 ushers in a time when your natural ability to craft a speech will serve you well! Those with Leo placements possess a power bound by an inner truth to speak with reasoned authority. Everyone in a room cannot help but notice you as you need to command the room. You can give unbiased advice on any topic and help those around you find their way back to the truth. With the intelligence of a seasoned professor, Leo placements are the trusted figure that will cheer you on with enthusiasm. However, take some time to open up emotionally and make time for romance. Your well-being matters, too.

If you have been wronged, then expect justice to prevail. If you have been acting unethically, expect your poor decisions to attract adverse outcomes. 2022 is a year centered around harmony and balance. The Universe will find a way to make things right. When you live your life guided by moral principles and honest dealings, you will find the Universe guides goodness towards you when you need it. Treat other people with kindness and compassion as they need you to be their advocate. 

2022 will be for making memories, and there will always be a reason to celebrate. Perhaps you have been working hard towards a goal and take pride in how much you’ve accomplished. Maybe you are going to move house and find a living situation that fits your needs. Likely you’re going to have a positive shift in your personal life, finding contentment and love while also growing closer to family. Show gratitude for it all.

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Virgo Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Virgo Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Priorities
  • Abundance
  • Multitasking
  • Intuition
  • Compassion
  • Letting Go
  • Realization
  • Security

With balance comes freedom from fear. Attract the abundance that you are meant to embrace.

Guidance for Virgo Placements

The Universe is guiding you in 2022 to look after yourself and your relationships. In this time of hard work, stress, or challenges, your energy is wrapped up in something you’re trying to improve while you unintentionally neglect other areas of your life. A Virgo is excellent at multitasking, but you don’t have to spread yourself and your relationships so thin. So allow yourself to take a break. Let go of the hustle for a little while because you still have to enjoy the ride. Life is meant to be fun, even when it’s work.

You are gifted and intuitive. This is the truth whether you ignore your inner knowing or not. When emotion overwhelms the spirit, illusions cause unnecessary fear of the unknown. Emotion is fundamental, but too much is all-encompassing and can become impossible to navigate. In 2022 Virgo placements must accept that they are leveling up to a more sensitive state of awareness, for then the periods of confusion will end. Follow any signs and pay special attention to your dreams as the Universe is communicating with you.

Virgo, if you feel lost or bogged down with worry in 2022, find a moment of calm where you can interact with your intuition. There is much you have to give, and it’s time you started believing that. Your generous heart is absolutely beautiful, but only when YOU believe in the sheer amount of abundance you carry within your soul. You were born to thrive, so allow the energy in 2022 to move you towards bounty. Every part of your life should be exactly how you want it because that is part of your power.

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Libra Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Libra Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Secrets
  • Perseverance
  • Intentions
  • Honor 
  • Inspiration
  • Control
  • Deception
  • Leadership

The outcome of your path is dependent upon the energy you radiate. Everything you are looking for is awaiting discovery within.

Guidance for Libra Placements

The energy of 2022 urges you to move on and leave the past behind. If you want the next phase of your life to begin, you must sacrifice what doesn’t fit your new life. Usually, this means there is a person who lacks integrity and is holding you back. You try to see the best in the people, which is an admirable Libra quality, but that doesn’t mean you should make allowances for others’ deceptions. Make peace with your emotions, and avoid their energy. The disappointment will fade with time, and once you see what replaces the old, you won’t look back.

Take a stand against injustice in 2022. Your beliefs, when based on love and empathy, are necessary and productive. Know that you are right in your position and use your voice to enact change. Pay close attention to what is happening with the competition, as it will help you determine the best course of action. Rise to challenges as they come and protect those who lack the means to defend themselves.

As someone who looks to the long-term, your goals are of the utmost importance, Libra. If an exciting opportunity comes your way, then look at it carefully. Anything you want to manifest will manifest. You are always the deciding factor in whether or not you’re successful. 2022 urges you to take on any challenges with confidence and passion. If someone needs help realizing their ideas or goals, you are the person to call. Working together on tasks will bring about the best possible outcome. Even though you may be the leader, make sure to consider everyone involved as central players in your pursuits.

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Scorpio Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Scorpio Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Success
  • Acceptance
  • Hope
  • Achievement
  • Investments
  • Family
  • Abundance
  • Reassurance

An emotional experience produces feelings of hurt but also hope. So direct your energy towards abundance and growth while letting negative experiences teach you to release.

Guidance for Scorpio Placements

Take a moment to quiet your mind and express sincere gratitude for your hard work. Your diligence has produced a level of material comfort in your life, so feel free to celebrate in 2022. Your goal was to find a place to be happy, secure, and prosperous. If self-employment has been on your radar, you will do well working in a business of your creation this year. Material wealth brings a lot of freedom, which you would find in self-employment, too. If you are a solitary type of person, this is a great option, but hire a few employees to expand your circle if you are looking for companionship.

Your motivation is always your loved ones, and your dreams for the future manifest quickly this year, Scorpio. Commit yourself to success and happiness. If this means you have to change a pattern of negative thinking, then do it! Big things are coming, and these changes will lead you to financial success, a loving community, and a family that will thank you. If you are not content with your level of success, expect a significant shift in energy in 2022. Look towards the future with confidence knowing you have paved the way for a financially secure life and accept new opportunities with open arms.

Sometimes feelings of disappointment arise when life turns out differently than you hoped.  These feelings can get heavy, encompassing your entire being and blinding you to new possibilities. But while you may be feeling a loss or setback in 2022, your perspective plays a huge role. The best solution is to be hopeful because this is going to pass, just like everything else. But, most importantly, envisioning preferable outcomes will begin manifesting positive situations. So feel your feelings, reconcile with the past, mourn a loss, and open your heart to the possibilities when you are ready. There is an entirely new you waiting on the other side! 2022 is going to be a fantastic year.

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Sagittarius Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Sagittarius Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Boundaries
  • Creation
  • Protection
  • Community
  • Harmony
  • Commitment
  • Preparation
  • Celebration

Navigate any challenges by preparing ahead of time. Then, your commitment to a prosperous future will pay off considerably.

Guidance for Sagittarius Placements

In 2022 it is vital to protect your creations. Set aside items, save money, plan, protect your energy, strategize, and surround everything with protective white light. Yes, bumps in the road will inevitably come in life, but they won’t be daunting because of the preparations you make ahead of time. The new year brings news that your current situation is a final challenge before reaching your goal. Endure this last test of strength and character with ease because if you’re prepared, forward progress will be an easy transition that you happily surmount.

Show as much gratitude as you can in 2022 because when you are surrounded by friends and family who make you feel loved, you need to express those joyful emotions. There will be many opportunities to celebrate in the coming year, especially births, weddings, travel, big moves, and other personal successes. So join together in creative collaboration this year and watch your world burst with excitement.

Romantic opportunities abound for Sagittarius placements in 2022, where you cannot possibly ignore the depth of connection you feel. If you are unattached, someone significant will enter your life, and if you are in a relationship, some positive changes are coming. You are guided to follow your heart. Life seems to be shifting forward as you confront any emotional issues by aligning with your values and coming to a decision that feels right. Your mental and physical health will improve, too, as you focus on your emotional wellbeing.

Capricorn Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Capricorn Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Life Purpose
  • Truth
  • Wisdom
  • Determination
  • Action
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Logic
  • Belief

A courageous spirit and a sharp intellect move you in the direction of your true purpose. So stay curious as you follow the guidance of your higher self.

A need for spiritual purpose or philosophy could lead you to a trusted mentor, or you could become one for other people in 2022. There is a pull towards your true purpose in life where you feel a deeper connection. This connection could suggest marriage or a turn towards spirituality. Also, if an opportunity to meet someone new or be set up on a date, go with it. Love, friendship, or beneficial partnerships arise from unity with your higher self. Remain true to your purpose and be honest about your intentions. Your dreams manifest when you align with high ideals.

Sudden changes in the new year call for logical, well-thought-out solutions. It’s not the time to become emotional and make reckless choices. When seeking the rational truth, your best course of action is to trust your instincts to solve problems. You are intuitively picking up on something important. When it comes time to take action, use diplomacy to the best of your ability; a compassionate heart will heal issues much faster.

A Capricorn won’t hold back when there is a truth to be told. To them, sugarcoating the truth, especially when they can see the facts, is a complete waste of everyone’s time and energy. Putting offenses aside, you should be prepared for a logical, blunt response if you ask Capricorn a question. 2022 is ripe with opportunities for you to become curious about life. Sometimes a bit skeptical of others, you will keep your emotions guarded. It can be hard to get to know someone when your feelings are hidden away. Work to build trust in your intuition because you are usually right.

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Aquarius Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Aquarius Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Lessons
  • New Beginnings
  • Finances
  • Affection
  • Generosity
  • Awakening
  • Companionship
  • Recovery

The dawn is beautiful because it symbolizes a new beginning. When challenges arise, open your heart to the blessings of others.

Guidance for Aquarius Placements

2022, your decision to walk away from a situation brings feelings of disappointment in the beginning. Take only small steps in the direction your intuition leads you because this is a challenging move forward. You are looking to grow spiritually and want the most out of life. To find contentment, you must move on. Happiness is there for you if you choose that energy. Whether you are leaving a relationship, a job, or a home, you are going to find incredible relief. Be proud of yourself.

A challenging time regarding finances, material possessions, career, or isolation will arise for a short period in 2022. Perhaps you are hit financially or feel like you’re utterly alone without a calling or purpose. Perhaps someone or something special to you leaves your life because of neglect. Whatever the challenge, it will pass quickly. The real problem lies in your perspective when dealing with these issues. The Universe is offering you a solution that will leave you FAR better off. So put away the pride and stop focusing on your plight because you will miss plausible solutions.

Fearlessly open your heart up and let love in again. The Universe is guiding you to look at your level of emotional intimacy with new eyes in 2022. If you have been holding on to feelings of isolation, then it’s time to let that go. Your dark feelings won’t be of service during this new phase because they never did you any favors in the first place. Instead, a romantic relationship or deep friendship is coming. This joyful time is necessary to heal your emotional state, which has likely pained you for quite some time. Surround yourself with people and situations who bring you peace and harmony and receive the love offered. 2022 is your year to grow!

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Pisces Sun and Rising

Welcome to 2022 Pisces Sun and Rising! Here are the themes of your year: 

  • Balance
  • Satisfaction
  • Creativity
  • Fulfillment
  • Abundance
  • Stability
  • Success
  • Femininity

Nurturing yourself raises your vibration, thereby creating solid foundations. Provide yourself, and your loved ones with a future where giving and receiving are in beautiful harmony.

Guidance for Pisces Placements

If you constantly feel lacking, you open yourself up to feelings of inferiority. In 2022, avoid placing too much value on finances and the opinions of others. Instead, look at the stability you have created! Remind yourself that you are a hard worker who knows what they want in the future. It wouldn’t hurt to give back to those less fortunate when you can, then save when needed and openly receive gifts from the Universe. Flow with the river of abundance in the new year and find the happiness you seek.

Intense healing has taken place, and your desires are coming to fruition in 2022. You directly influence the energy surrounding your life, so if you have a few more wishes, then go ahead and make them! Be proud of your achievements, but be mindful not to come off as ungrateful and smug. The endurance and power of your manifestations will rid your life of worry for a relaxing period this year. Enjoy what you built as fortune smiles upon your life.

2022 doles out a successful period of abundance in your life. People recognize you for your hard work in planning a successful endeavor, whatever it may be. The feminine energy this year carries you towards creative initiatives and new projects. 2022 is flowing with ideas and inspiration. It also can be an excellent time to start a family or have more children. Nurturing is required of you, and you will experience a bounty of abundant beauty no matter the form it takes. Take time to ground your energy in Mother Nature to help heal any wounds and bring harmony.

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