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October 2021 Oracle Forecast: Honoring Progress

Accepting Change for the Greater Good

The energy of October is unlike that of any other month, and the October Oracle Forecast predicts some steady progress. Honoring your path and forward progress is at the forefront this month. Each step you take will be a step that pays dividends in the end. The most simple actions will grow exponentially and manifest beautiful changes by the year’s end. 

Our relationships are evolving, and the collective energy is going to be impacted by this shift. This month, look at your close relationships and if there are any issues, then accept the lessons and move past the need to keep these energies in your life. Serious partnerships will present themselves after the release. The October Oracle Forcast acknowledges that the ebb and flow of life is a constant reminder of the balance we aim to keep.

Get REALLY Honest

As you must be honest about the quality of your relationships, the October Oracle Forecast calls for the collective to pay attention to recent and current setbacks. These are lessons, especially during the Mercury Retrograde. Find the flaws and learn. Growth happens in these moments, which brings the necessary fortitude to continue down your path. Catch yourself in the weak moments and instead of underrating your potential, feel your feelings and move and continue on steadily.

Endings, setbacks, and change can bring frightful energy, but it doesn’t have to be if you shift your perspective. The Universe wants you to know that it was meant to be, and you need to accept the ending. The October Oracle Forecast predicts that this door was not meant to open back up because there is a different path ahead. Everything you are going through right now is all part of your soul’s evolution. 

October 2021

Sun Sign and Rising Sign

Oracle Forecast

October urges the collective to release what no longer serves us and our highest good. Our powerful energy has created new relationships and situations; the old is not compatible anymore. Shifting your perspective will help you to move away from old habits and thought processes. All you have to do is simply state that I am shifting my perspective now and allow it to be. Accept any thoughts, visions, feelings, or signs as the Universe is always conspiring to help you.

Each of the Sun signs and Rising signs have a special message from the Universe. Read the description of your Sun and Rising to find your message(s). Then, move forward with confidence in yourself and your inspired path!


If anyone needs to be grateful for a closing door, it’s you! The Universe wants you to know that it was meant to be, and you need to accept the ending. This door was not meant to open back up because there is a different path ahead. Everything you are going through right now is all part of your soul’s evolution. So forgive, let go, and move on from any setbacks. You might have a hard time with this, but allowing events to unfold as they should be is in your best interests. Meditation and yoga will help to balance your energy, but remember to be gentle with yourself. As tricky as stillness and calm can be for one with Aries placements, it’s super helpful! October is a challenging but necessary time. No matter what happens, you will look back and be so grateful for everything right now.


In moments of weakness, it might seem easier just to give up and find a new dream. It can get too frustrating when there is no movement forward. Plus, it’s exhausting waiting at a dead end! Sometimes this is absolutely called for, but it’s not one of those times. Now is NOT the time to give up on anything you are manifesting or dreaming. Stop second-guessing and understand that you are worthy of everything and anything. This is a sign to stick to your path and have faith in a positive outcome. Don’t give up just yet! Keep working, make a long-term plan, implement action steps, or be patient. Just because you may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t mean it’s not right around the bend. Focus on what you want and keep hope alive in your heart. Everything is going to work out if you maintain faith in the future.


It’s hard to harness the swirling energy (and social life) of one with Gemini placements; however, you will benefit from a little or a lot of serious downtimes. Take a step back, take a break, or take time to yourself. Fretting over the little details of day-to-day life has you spinning your wheels. The problematic energy brewing in the world is hurting you, and it’s time to focus on your personal life rather than the collective right now. A lot is going on with you, and that is what is most important. Everything else you are worried about can be released for now. To gain perspective, look at the bigger picture because you will find plenty to be grateful for in your current situation. Perhaps you will even convince yourself to take a risk concerning your personal life because trusting the Universe always pans out. Once you center yourself in truth, then you can go on that date, girls’ trip, or add another baby to your family!


Tranquility is necessary energy. Picture a peaceful body of water where you sit quietly watching the waves lap the shore. A Cancer placement is at home in this energy because you often find yourself at the center of emotional drama. We can only build and hustle for so long until you need to slow down and regroup. Take time out this month to assess how far you have come. Find out where you stand after things peak. Without constant movement, you can relax and plan your next move, which is vital. Honestly, you have been going for so long that you have lost sight of the shore. You don’t want to move ahead blind to what is necessary for yourself, your relationships, or your career.  After a deep breath in, the release feels like a freeing end to a long, hectic cycle. Allow the freedom to cycle you back to action when the time comes. You are the peaceful ocean.


It’s challenging for a Leo to be in a situation where they don’t feel confident in themselves and their ability to control a situation. Your goals matter to you, and they guide your behavior. Leo placements tend towards forwarding progress at all times, so when you get stuck in your head, it’s more debilitating for you than it is for other people. You are the zodiac’s resident cheerleader because of your confidence!  If you have been holding on to fear, let it go now. You are heading in a new direction. To feel true fulfillment, you need to step out of your comfort zone. It’s time for you to act on your dreams because this moment is exactly what you have been working on manifesting. It’s all going to work out beautifully. So roll out that red carpet and strut on with confidence because your destiny awaits!


Your hard work is paying off, just as you knew it would, Virgo! Every once in a while, a situation presents itself, and you cannot say no! A rare chance is coming this month, which will offer an exciting opportunity. Be both cautious and optimistic because if you miss the chance, it won’t come around again any time soon. Check things out and make sure the opportunity meets your standards. You need to take advantage of your luck right now and be fearless. Ask for what you want, request changes, or request more. This opportunity could come in the form of a job opportunity or a chance meeting, but whatever it is, show gratitude because it is exactly what you need. Because believe in your worth and expect the best, that is exactly what has come knocking.


If anyone deserves the kindness of the Universe, it’s Libra. So much of your time is spent in service of other people. Yes, you may gossip about them once in a while, but you still make the effort to see their point of view. Regardless, you put yourself aside too much. It’s time for a new path. Your first step will be to unscramble the puzzle that is YOU. What is it that you want? Communication will be the key to unlocking your new beginning. If you want a successful relationship: communicate. If you’re going to be a valuable addition to the workplace: communicate. If you want lasting friendships: communicate. Any form of communication will help you, but the process will reveal new experiences and people. These are the people you want by your side moving forward. Doors will open, and dreams will come true.


Most people with a dominant Scorpio placement have relied on their gut instincts more than once or twice. Quite frankly, this is your superpower. When you feel like “something” is off, it’s often because your life is out of balance in places. There might be a person or situation that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. You may have simply outgrown someone or something, too. Over the past months and weeks, you have found some beautiful opportunities, but you have also picked up negativity in one form or another. A toxic situation has cropped up, and it’s time to change course. Perhaps you came to the realization that your path needs to change course. No matter the correction, you still maintain hope. Plan out what you can let go of to move forward. Something exciting awaits the conclusion of your evaluation.


If things are moving more slowly than you’d prefer, there is a lesson in the pause. Sagittarius placements are not keen on slowness, so this might be a bit painful. However, nothing is ever at a complete standstill; don’t get caught up in that line of thought. Pauses are made to allow you to change lifestyle habits and incorporate the new into the existing. Your entire life is about to change for the better, and any past difficulty was meant to direct you towards these purposeful lessons. The longer you avoid the unavoidable, the more difficult it will be in the end. You want things from life that require effort. Slow down, recognize the problems, and implement the solutions. After you finish your required maintenance, then you can show the world a shiny, new you. Say it with me, Sagittarius: this is an opportunity, not a punishment!


Have you fallen into a cynical hole, Capricorn? This is you at your worst and October has arrived to set things straight. What do you believe is possible?  Your answer to this question will define the future of your situation. Honestly, do you hold unconscious limitations on what you can and cannot accomplish? If you are committed to your dreams, then you should have confidence in their manifestation. If you are unsure, then expect a similar result from the Universe. Decide now and honor your decision. If you intend on moving forward with your dreams, keep putting in the effort. If you want to give up, then that is fine, too. Your dreams should not hold you prisoner. Regardless of your choice, commit to where you want to put your effort. Challenges met with confidence and commitment will resolve appropriately. 


The Aquarius placements are often painted as an aloof eccentric bent on saving humanity with their technological achievements. This might be true, but you can be a passionate and intense person, too. Sometimes that trait can wear on those around you, especially when you are keeping all your feelings locked up inside. Sometimes you have to meet people where they are rather than forcing them to be at your level. Your dreams are essential; your self-worth is important, too. If you don’t occasionally check your pride, you will find your relationships ended in a deadlock. Your bright energy and creative nature can manifest pure magic, so don’t hesitate to create a situation that works for everyone involved. If anyone can engineer a new future, it’s YOU!


Whatever issues you have been carrying, let them take a back seat for a while. If you have been silently (or not) begging for help, October has arrived with everything you need. It’s a YES, Pisces! Whatever (or whoever) you have been waiting for is finally here! Release any anxious feelings and accept the hopeful future as a new beginning has arrived. Let past setbacks become a valuable lesson. Everything you went through was meant to be because the place you are now is your desires manifested. It may be a little frightening to start over again, but the stagnant place you were in is no longer viable. Let the weight lift off your shoulders. All the work you put in along the way is paying off, and positive blessings surround the situation. Any toxic feelings or people will soon be cleared up or cleared away.

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