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September 2021 Oracle Forecast: Create for the Future

Surrendering Control

Fall looms on the horizon as we await the fruits of our labors. The September 2021 Oracle Forecast is here to guide your month with a mystical message from the Universe. Our lives will improve drastically once we stop struggling against the grain and allow the Universe to steer. Set aside worry and angsty feelings for another day because this month is all about surrender.

Your Highest Good

Even when things don’t turn out exactly as you plan, the Universe always has your highest good in mind. Imagine all the times your wishes and prayers were NOT granted, only to be met with frustration and sadness soon after. But, looking back, you are likely so grateful for the change of plans because you lucked out in the end!

I often look back at all the relationships that didn’t work out, even though I was desperate for them to become “the One” when I couldn’t see the bigger picture. Each time I was sad and angry that my wishes were ignored. Looking back, I seriously dodged a bullet because my life is SO much better with my husband; seriously, if every prayer was just answered without consideration of the multiple timelines in play…yikes!

The September Oracle Forecast predicts that your highest good is the ultimate goal once again. Something better is always around the corner, and you are being asked to trust that this is your truth. Whatever you are creating for the future needs to be considered. Surrender your need to control and allow your intuition to guide your behavior.

Get Moving!

The Universe has lit a fire under you, and it is guiding your movement down the right path. If you were about to give up on your dreams, this is a sign of letting go of that mindset and muster all your determination. September is about slowing your mind, planning for the year, expecting new energies to enter your life, and allowing your dreams to come true. 

This month is the beginning of a beautiful cycle of manifestation, which will start you down a path of success. The September 2021 Oracle Forecast gives you the green light to surrender control as you go ahead and dream big because it’s your time to commit to a beautiful future!

September 2021

Sun Sign and Rising Sign

Oracle Forecast

September urges us to surrender our control and allow the good we do to be repeated in kind. Each of the Sun signs and Rising signs have a special message from the Universe. Read the description of your Sun and Rising to find your message(s). Looking at the ninth month of 2021, your September 2021 Oracle Forecast says that individuals must put aside unnecessary worries because something beautiful is on the horizon.

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Stagnant periods in life come and go. Cycles of movement and rest keep us in balance. This month, your waiting period has come to an end as forward progress manifests. Change is coming, and there is no looking back. Quick movements in the direction of your dreams will manifest this month. Be on the lookout for any offers coming your way. Someone believes in your worth, and that situation is part of your divine purpose. Believe in yourself while you move forward. Remember, when good things come to you, then you should do good in return. September will gift you with beautiful opportunities, so make sure to give love back!


September is looking to be an exciting time for Taurus! Everything you are going through is for your highest and best good. The Universe has given you the green light to move forward on something you have been waiting for, which is great news. Changes are happening as you push ahead. Let things fall away, and if uncomfortable feelings arise, try to feel them and honor them as part of your journey. New beginnings can cause some residual emotion to surface, and it’s best to accept it and then move past it when you are ready. On the other side of it, there will be a path that leads to an important turning point. Enjoy the ride!


Your intuition is your best friend this month, Gemini. When you feel like “something” is off, it’s often because your life is out of balance in places. Where do you feel any disharmony? Over the past months and weeks, you have found some beautiful opportunities, but you have also picked up negativity in one form or another. Perhaps a toxic situation has cropped up, and it’s time to change course. Perhaps you realized that your path needs to change course. But, no matter the correction, you will still maintain hope. Plan out what you can let go of to move forward. Something exciting awaits the conclusion of your evaluation.


Your feelings are not an embarrassing burden. They are an authentic guide. If you are not happy with the way things are going, then it is time to stay adaptable and expect a change. Things are developing and building right now, and you always have a say. In fact, you can mold your future to be what you want because you’re the architect. If you aren’t exactly sure what you want, it’s an excellent time to move slowly and have a look around. What feels good and what doesn’t? Take some extended moments to experience the world this month, and don’t get caught up in anything serious. The time for stability is later and the time for creation is right now.


Growth opportunities are coming at you from every direction. All these lessons flowing at you have been profound but difficult nonetheless. The person you are on the other side of this is not the same person who began the journey. A difficult cycle is at its end, but you are not off the hook just yet. If you are willing to put in the work for a while longer and stick to it, things will pay off in your favor. The work you need to put in could be helped by planning better, actively dealing with bad habits, or prioritizing aspects of your life that you sometimes neglect. Face the reality of your situation and move forward knowing that you are capable. As always, keep hope alive.


Something new is on the horizon, Virgo. You are at the point where you must release any physical or emotional baggage to find a new beginning. Let go of any lingering fear as you move on from the pieces falling away. You have learned what you could from this situation and it’s time to move forward with the flow of the Universe. Moving on from what we no longer need can be difficult, but you will find a sense of relief as the past recedes from view. Take any time you need to heal, as releasing rituals often bring up a lot of emotion. However, positive improvements wait for you to release and heal, so hold your head high and accept this new cycle.


Every once in a while, a situation presents itself, and you cannot say no! A rare chance is coming this month, which will present an interesting opportunity. Be both cautious and optimistic because it won’t come around again any time soon if you miss the chance. You need to take advantage of your luck right now and be fearless. This opportunity could come in the form of a job opportunity or a chance meeting, but whatever it is, show gratitude because it is exactly what you need. Believe in the power of your dreams because your energy will make seemingly impossible things possible!


Shine light on your creations, Scorpio! September is giving you a well-earned spotlight. There is good news on the way and a fun future ahead. You are entering a cycle where the attention from other people is directed your way. Whether you want to catch a person’s attention or the attention of an employer/customer, confidence is the key that will unlock all the doors. Show pride in the person you are. Be willing to love yourself and respect your story. You have come so far in life and it’s time that you show the world just how deserving you are of accolades and success!


September spells surrender for Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising. Holding a grudge or holding on to the past will never help guide you towards your desired future. The past is the past, and to have a bright future ahead, you must heal the past. This requires you to confront what lingers in the shadow. Spend some time in meditation or quiet contemplation, imagining how your life would look completely healed. Things will go according to plan if you take the small but necessary steps to recover. Then, as if by magic, all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Take your time, be patient with the situation, and accept all the self-care you need. Anything is possible on this path.


You can be a passionate and emotionally intense person when you want to, Capricorn. Other times, you keep everything inside for so long it becomes a physical and mental burden. These traits wear on those around you because it’s hard to understand. You become frustrated in turn because it feels like nobody “gets you” at all. In truth, you have to meet people where they are rather than forcing them to be at your level. Your dreams are essential; your self-worth is important, too. If you don’t occasionally check your ego, you will find your relationships ended in a deadlock. Your drive can manifest pure magic, so don’t hesitate to create a situation that works for everyone involved.


Take a step back, take a break, or take time to yourself. Honestly, you could probably use a vacation, too. Fretting over the little details of day-to-day life has you spinning your wheels. The difficult energy brewing in the world is really hurting you, and it’s time to focus on your personal life rather than the collective for right now. Look to your family, friends, and community to find necessary blessings. Furthermore, gain perspective by stepping back and finding all the pieces of your life that bring joy and gratitude. Perhaps you will even convince yourself to take a risk concerning your personal life because trusting the Universe always pans out.


Tranquility is necessary energy. We can only build and hustle for so long until you need to slow down and regroup. Take time out this month to assess how far you have come. You have grown so much in the past few months! Now, find out where you stand mentally after things peak. Without constant movement, you can relax and plan your next move, which is vital. You don’t want to move ahead blind to what is necessary to yourself, your relationships, or your career.  After a deep breath in, the release feels like a freeing end to the cycle. Allow the release to cycle you back to action when the time comes.

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