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July 2021 Oracle Forecast: Adapting to Change

Molding a Bright Future

The hot summer has ignited a spark of revolution in the collective. The July Oracle Forecast reflects a need to change for the greater good, which requires us to become adaptable. 

Accept the Truth with Gratitude

Most of humanity will never be the same after a global pandemic, and in many ways, that is a good thing. If you are not happy with the way things are going, then it is time to stay adaptable and expect change. Big, collective shifts are developing right now, and we always have a say in the energy of the shifts. Experience the world and attempt to shift perspectives when necessary. Adaptability is an asset right now.

Change for the Better

Does time feel like it’s moving along more slowly than usual? The July Oracle Forecast affirms this is a blessing from the Universe. Change is on the way for the collective and the individual, so this time is best spent getting clear on your path, organizing, and gaining valuable perspective. Wanting things that require effort is a wonderful dream, but eventually, you’re going to have to act.

Change any toxic lifestyle habits during this process, too. Your entire life is about to change for the better, and any past difficulty was meant to direct you towards purposeful lessons. The longer you avoid the unavoidable, the more difficult it will be in the end.

July 2021

Sun Sign and Rising Sign

Oracle Forecast

July urges us to shift our perspective and gain momentum in the process. Looking at the seventh month of 2021, your July Oracle Forecast says to be as adaptable as possible because big things are coming in the collective. Each of the Sun signs and Rising signs have a special message from the Universe. Read the description of your Sun and Rising to find your message(s).


Your goals matter to you and they are a driving force behind your behavior. Aries tend to shy away from tasks that don’t excite them. They also have a difficult time beginning things they know might not get finished. If you have been holding on to fear, let it go now. You are heading in a new direction, and to feel true fulfillment, you need to step out of your comfort zone. It’s time for you to act on your dreams because this moment is exactly what you have been working to manifest. It’s all going to work out beautifully. Your destiny awaits!


It’s only natural for Taurus to move slowly and steadily towards their desired outcome. Any energy that matches a steadily flowing vibe is right up your alley. You are calm in the midst of a seeming standstill because you know you’ll get where you need to be eventually. Whether you need it or not, this is a sign to stick to your path and have faith in a positive outcome. Don’t give up hope! Keep working, make a long-term plan, implement action steps, or simply be patient. Everything is going to work out if you maintain faith for the future.


Finally, it’s a YES, Gemini! Whatever (or whoever) you have been waiting for is here at long last! Release any anxious feelings and accept the hopeful future as a new beginning has arrived. Let past setbacks become a valuable lesson. Everything you went through was meant to be because the place you are now is your true desire manifested. It may be a little frightening to be at the starting line of a new beginning, but the stagnant place you were in is no longer viable. All the work you put in along the way is paying off, and positive blessings surround the situation. Any toxic feelings or people will soon be cleared up or cleared away.


Possibility abounds this summer, and that is perfect for a Cancer! Your focus is coming back, and your mind is ready to move forward. Any projects you put off before can begin now. To start a new venture, thoroughly review plans, and find ways to organize yourself. Take your time and do things right the first time (slow and steady, you know). Don’t let any details go unnoticed. Any issues with your physical or mental health should be attended to as well. A healthy mind and body will only further you along your path. Even though some adjustments are happening, you are still moving forward!


Growth opportunities are coming at you from every direction. The recent lessons flowing your way have been profound but difficult nonetheless. The person you are on the other side of this is not the same person who began the journey. A difficult cycle is at its end, but you are not off the hook just yet. If you are willing to put in the work for a while longer and stick to it, things will pay off in your favor. The work you need to put in could be helped by planning better, actively dealing with bad habits, or prioritizing aspects of your life that you sometimes neglect. Face the reality of your situation and move forward knowing that you are capable. As always, keep hope alive, Leo.


A Virgo’s instincts are typically on point, so why have you been ignoring your inner knowing? You are in tune with the Universe, and your intuition is a superpower. If you have felt that something is not right about a situation, then follow your gut. Let go of what feels uncertain, incorrect, or “off” because you are tapping into truth. Follow the guidance of your higher self and the knowledge that letting go of one situation will lead you to exactly the place you need to be. Indeed, this action is not always easy, but it’s also true that it is worth it in the end.


The beauty of ideal romance, art, true love, and deeply felt emotion might seem like something from a dream, but not for a Libra. Interesting and pleasing aesthetics are a huge aspect of your vibe. In life, we often find our every day to be a huge disappointment compared to the beauty of our imagination. This month conjures a new start, and your dreams play a central role. Guided by your feelings, face whatever has been holding you back and set yourself free. Don’t play games with yourself or your life. Listen to your heart because it will not lead you astray. Accept what it is that you want and allow that situation to manifest most majestically. An ideal situation is meant to be.


You are asked to step out of the shadows and own your absolute power. A bold approach is necessary to get where you want to be. It’s time to consider just how important this situation is to you. If you are not prepared to work for it then you may want to let it go for now. If you intend on continuing forward, then get motivated, organized, and be prepared to take matters into your own hands. A passive take is not going to work for you. Any and all leadership skills will come into play and coupled with an assertive mindset, your situation will resolve positively.  Avoid being reckless as you steer your life in the direction of new beginnings!


Your words have power, for better or for worse. Lessons involving communication and acknowledging your needs have been following you for some time now. Speak your truth to find answers, but be aware that the things you say will impact a person or situation. You might be close to a resolution or the creation of a new and interesting situation for yourself. This could definitely be a job or a relationship shift. Go forth and create the magic you deserve. Just know, you have to use your words wisely, so you don’t cause any problems for yourself in the process.


Every once in a while, a situation presents itself, and you cannot say no! A rare chance is coming this month, which will present an interesting opportunity. Be both cautious and optimistic because it won’t come around again any time soon if you miss the chance. You need to take advantage of your luck right now and be fearless. This opportunity could come in the form of a job opportunity or a chance meeting, but whatever it is, show gratitude because it is exactly what you need. Believe in the power of your dreams.


Thinking back to where you were in February of this year, the Universe has again given you the green light to move forward on something you have been waiting for. Changes are happening as you push ahead towards this new beginning. Let things fall away, and if uncomfortable feelings arise, try to feel them and honor them as part of your journey. Big changes can cause some residual emotion to surface, and it’s best to accept it and then move past it when you are ready. On the other side of it, there will be a path that leads to an important turning point. Enjoy the ride!


Take a step back, take a break, or take time to yourself. Fretting over the little details of day-to-day life has you spinning your wheels. As your sensitive nature is in tune with the world, the difficult energy brewing is really hurting you, and it’s time to focus on your personal life rather than the collective for right now. To gain perspective, look at the bigger picture because you will find plenty to be grateful for in your current situation. Perhaps you will even convince yourself to take a risk concerning your personal life because trusting the Universe always pans out.

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