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Gentle Productivity: 10 Daily Tasks for a more Gentle Connection

Modern Productivity

I should note before I begin that I live in the United States. There are a lot of learned behaviors around being productive that I carry, most of which I do not even realize I have internalized from a very young age. That being said, the current backlash towards large corporations and low pay got me thinking about what is actually important in life. These thoughts led me to make a list of ways to use a more passive, gentle productivity more often than not. This shift in mindset creates a place where I can be of service to myself and others far more than I otherwise could have.

Like most people, there are specific tasks that I wish I could perform every single day without fail. If I could get up ridiculously early and exercise/meditate/juice plants/write ten chapters, then I would be the perfect specimen and keep up with all I see on the Socials. Alas, I get busy, distracted, tired, melancholy, or simply lose my momentum. Often I try to create a “to-do” list that is far too long and overwhelming, which keeps me from success. Granted, I am a Capricorn Sun/Moon, which may or may not have something to do with this (we all know that it does), then my Sagittarius Rising steps in to lure me away from what I should be doing.

Recognizing Our Learned Behavior

The assumption that I need to be productive each day is an illusion. Is that really my only reality? Is it my sole purpose? Obviously not, but it feels great to be an effective taskmaster. The surge of pride I get from a day of completing a ton of tasks is exhilarating. So then, what happens on all the days when my mind is not constructing an organized outline for the day and implementing the action steps necessary to accomplish these things? I feel sad and lazy. I feel unmotivated, and my self-esteem takes a huge hit. There is no reason to feel this way because I am both the creator and doer of all these tasks. If I wanted to do less, I should take on less for myself. I call the shots, right?

Yes, but it’s not that simple. There are so many unhealed wounds that come into play for people who deal with scattered energy and issues surrounding productivity. Perhaps in childhood, you were forced to make yourself useful when the mere act of living is valuable enough. Maybe your neurodivergent energy was always getting you into trouble because it wasn’t living up to standards made for other humans. Regardless of the circumstances, we force ourselves to be productive to keep up with a world that is living primarily to acquire wealth, and that is coming from a Capricorn Sun. I should also note that wealth and abundance is not an evil practice, but the process of acquiring material abundance should never bring you or anyone else less joy.

Redefining Productivity

No matter the source of your slumps, they are still part of your journey. Keep yourself moving forward, no matter how slowly. Stay aligned with your plans and allow them to unfold while you stay patient. Time can be a source of anxiety for many people, myself included, but if we rush a ripening situation, then we lose out in the end. Productivity is not always quantity, but quality, and that takes diligence and time. Do what you can for as long as it feels necessary. Push yourself on the days you can and respect your need for rest with the same energy.

Link with Source Energy

Our minds and bodies’ natural rhythms and cycles should be honored; therefore, I created a 10 item mystical “to-do” list for daily use. I have goals that I can no longer ignore because I am overwhelmed by the day-to-day. I have dreams to create and live happily. This list is my key to freedom, and I want to share it in hopes that it could free anyone feeling the negative symptoms of unhealed wounds and society’s aggressive goal seeking. Attempt to do all ten items each day to varying degrees, or simply pick one or a few to focus on in-depth. There are no rules.

10 Productive Tasks to Consider for Daily Connection

#1 Meditate or Sit in Silence

Creating a daily meditation practice is key. Whether you intend to go in life or what you intend to manifest, focusing your mind, body, and spirit on the Now will provide what you need. Meditation will focus your mind on answers or insights that have been waiting to come through. Sitting in silence will lessen your anxiety, help you find peace, and open yourself up to the clarity and wisdom of the Universe. 

If you feel as though a formal meditation session is too much of a commitment, try to sit in silence. If you are at your desk or in the shower, then this is the perfect place to be still for a moment when you can’t afford any other moments. Focus your mind on the breath and allow your thoughts to drift away. Whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours a day, meditation in any capacity will help you build understanding and compassion for life’s issues.

#2 Send and Show Loving Kindness

The high vibration of loving-kindness will transform your day. You may be showing loving-kindness multiple times each day without even realizing it. Every time you have a kind thought about someone or sent love to a person in need; you generate the vibration of loving-kindness. Having compassion for others and wishing for the happiness of others will help far beyond our recognition. This simple act will heal on a cellular level.

Plan to do kind things for other people as well. Giving when you have more than you need, offering help, listening to a friend in need, or choosing cruelty-free options contribute to the greater good. Loving-kindness will flow from you energetically or physically, so choose what makes the most sense given your circumstances. 

#3 Yoga/Stretching/Breathwork

Practicing Yoga helps your body and mind connect. There are eight limbs of yoga, meditation being one, and the physical postures are necessary to prepare the body for sitting in meditation. Stretching and posing can still the mind and create a sense of awareness. Awareness of the present moment will raise our intuition and open our minds. Working through painful situations or past trauma while in the postures builds strength in more ways than your physical body.

Yoga can vary in difficulty and the length of time you spend in your practice is entirely up to you. Some days you might need more relaxation when other days, you might need a workout. Regardless of the vibe, stretching, moving, and breathing through the postures will awaken you to truth.

#4 Walking and Grounding

Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise. It brings you a relaxed mind and stimulates your senses. Physical movement is a necessary part of living an earthly life, but many do not have the stamina or structure to do intense workouts. Taking a walk and minding your health is a perfect solution for taking responsibility for your health.

Walking can be performed at any speed, on any terrain, for any duration, or with any company you choose. Moving about barefoot and grounding your energy in nature is another bonus. If you are not physically capable of walking, breathing the air and placing your feet on the grass is perfect, too. This time is well spent when you can release the day-to-day and focus your attention on your visions. It’s always a wonder to see the logical conclusions for complicated problems you receive while on a simple walk.

#5 Recognize Emotions/Triggers

One change I intend to make for my daily life is to recognize my triggers in the moment. I want to observe the emotions and follow them through. Rather than blindly reacting to everything that I find triggering, I want to accept that things within me are unhealed, respond, realize that I am feeling some kind of way, and acknowledge they come from something I need to tend to within. The act of emotional nurturing always brings success.

As I get older, I have a deep need to heal the emotional cycles of the past. Noticing the people and situations that trigger me is a valuable tool in my healing journey. Honoring my emotions in the moment helps me embrace and understand them rather than feel shameful. 

#6 Reiki and Energy Healing

Your body is naturally attuned to healing. Reiki energy comes from the Universe; therefore, anyone can harness the power. When directed with intention, this energy is a healing miracle. Like the Sun, Reiki energy shines in all the dark corners of your body and eliminates what is not of your highest good. The purity of Reiki, and your intentions, return your body to a state of balance and health.

Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for the moments of energy healing each day. Reiki practitioners are everywhere if you prefer another person to administer treatment from time to time.

#7 Writing, Journaling, or Daydreaming

When we write, journal, and daydream about people and situations, we can work through difficult situations and emotions. Creativity opens up our minds and pushes our manifestations into reality. 

Find moments each day to write and daydream. These little breaks give your imagination time to shine. Don’t be afraid to dig deep while daydreaming because your thoughts are powerful. Write that shit down!

#8 Give and Receive

Similar to giving Loving Kindness, it’s essential to give AND receive in turn. This balance creates magic in your life and leaves room for abundant energy to build in your life. New doors open when you give and graciously receive shows the Universe that you are grateful for the positive progress.

Giving does not have to do with material items, it can, but it also can be emotional. In some cases, emotional giving is far more necessary. Receiving emotional and material support is also important to maintain a balance. Work through any issues you may have around received and work towards feeling comfortable asking for your needs to be met.

#9 Manifest Abundance

Manifesting abundance in our lives is related to the positive acts we do and the loving energy we release to the world. When times feel challenging, and things do not seem to be working in your favor, the Universe is awaiting your requests. Ask for what you need and show your gratitude for everything you already have. Magical circumstances always appear when they are requested.

This spiritual “to-do” list is filled with ways in which abundance can manifest in our lives. It’s important to remember that abundance is not only material but love, growth, friendship, connection, and healing. Therefore, giving to others, drawing upon reiki energy and grounding, creating, and recognizing your emotions will all attract the abundance we seek.


No matter what you do each day, you will learn, grow, teach, and heal from the lessons in your extraordinary life. Look at what you have learned and note how far you have come. Look how much you have grown. Help others along their journey if they need it. You have valuable insights from life’s milestones. Release the need to judge and ridicule.

Heal from your past and grow to understand yourself and others. This daily task is part of your destiny. 


A Final Note

On the days where you feel triggered more than not, this list can just be a thought. Thinking is action, and that is enough when we feel heavy. An act as simple as connecting with your thoughts can completely transform your mind, body, and soul. Don’t discount the simple. It’s often the best.



Stephanie is a teacher, both academically and spiritually, offering a variety of information and skills. A former high school English teacher by day, Stephanie has been immersed in spiritual teachings such as meditation, reiki, astrology, manifestation, numerology, and symbolism for over 15 years. As a student of the Universe, Stephanie brings these teachings to a level of understanding and application, which all people can comfortably utilize.

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