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June 2021 Oracle Forecast: Acknowledge Your Destiny

Organize a Restart

As the summer solstice nears and the long days unfold, the June Oracle Forecast shines with a message of restarting essential routines. Staying healthy requires a routine of one sort or another, and this is the perfect time to implement what works best for YOU. If you intend on creating a bright future, analyze your situation and take note of things that are not working in your favor. These are the pieces that require love.

Looking great is awesome, but feeling great is extraordinary. The June Oracle forecast calls for the collective to commit to their health and wellness. This can be the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. Getting your life in order starts with getting your person in order. You can’t expect the chaos to calm when you live with chaos within. Try to eat more natural products that cleanse the body. Give any alternative therapies a chance as you move through this month. Take a simple stroll through nature to calm yourself. Whatever sticks can be part of your new routine.

You can’t expect the chaos to calm when you live with chaos within.

Necessary Obstacles

Things are about to change for the better. Reflect on the difficulty and begin seeing it as purposeful energy meant to guide and direct. The longer you avoid the unavoidable, the more difficult it will be in the end. You want things from life that require effort. Go ahead and interact with your obstacles in any way you feel comfortable. Destiny is waiting to help us discover truth.

Balancing Act

The June Oracle Forecast predicts a passionate and/or intense period. This could be a person (even yourself) or a situation, but regardless of the form, your dreams are essential, your self-worth is important, and life is changing. Your energy and creative nature can manifest pure magic, so don’t hesitate to create a situation that works for everyone involved. This moment is about the collective so acknowledge every soul’s importance. Send love out and receive the same!

June 2021

Sun Sign and Rising Sign

Oracle Forecast

June energy urges us to see ourselves winning in the end. Each of the Sun signs and Rising signs have a special message from the Universe. Read the description of your Sun and Rising to find your message(s). Looking at the sixth month of 2021, your June Oracle Forecast notes that this can be an incredibly bright time in your life if you are confident enough to step forward and show the world just how wonderful you are. Release the unnecessary, face your shadow, and focus on your needs.

You want things from life that require effort. Go ahead and interact with your obstacles in any way you feel comfortable.


Your words have immense power, for better or for worse. This is a time when you need to think BEFORE you speak, Aries! Lessons involving communication and acknowledging your needs have been following you for some time now. Speak your truth to find answers, but be aware that the things you say will impact a person or situation. You might be close to a resolution or the creation of a new and interesting situation for yourself. This could definitely be a job or a relationship shift. Go forth and create the magic you deserve. Just know, you have to use your words wisely, so you don’t cause any problems for yourself in the process.


You have been searching for answers to your questions everywhere when the answers have been clearly apparent all along. Stop searching so hard and allow the passive action to draw in an obvious resolution. You are an extraordinary person who has an amazing amount of talent. Allow that to be. You are going to be very successful with your job and your relationships. Allow that to be. Exciting opportunities surround you, and all you have to do is open your eyes and accept what is there. Don’t waste another moment daydreaming because these opportunities won’t last forever!


It’s time for a new path. Your first step will be to unscramble the puzzle that is YOU. What is it that you want? Communication will be the key to unlocking your new beginning. If you want a successful relationship: communicate. If you want to be a valuable addition to the workplace: communicate. If you want lasting friendships: communicate. This is a new cycle; therefore, a truly exciting opportunity. Any form of communication will help you, but the process will reveal new experiences and people. All you have to do is ask. Doors will open, and dreams will come true.


It’s a great month to use that stereotypical stubborn nature to your advantage! Stay the course and accept any setbacks as learning opportunities. This mindset will be a huge blessing in the long run. Don’t waste the effort underrating yourself because your fortitude is another blessing you can’t do without! Be honest with yourself by accepting what you need to grow. Quit being so critical, throw away any obsessive tendencies around perfection, and loosen the need to worry about things that don’t matter. If you use your energy second-guessing your choices, you will lose out on the opportunity to raise humanity’s vibrations.


You are in tune with the Universe, and your intuition is a superpower. There are multiple occasions where following the guidance of your higher self has led you down the right path. Currently, if you have felt that something is not right about a certain situation, then follow your gut without hesitation! Let go of what feels uncertain, incorrect, or “off” because you are tapping into truth. Follow the guidance of your higher self and the knowledge that letting go of one situation will lead you to exactly the place you need to be. Indeed, this action is not always easy, but it’s also true that it is worth it in the end.


You have incredibly high standards for yourself, Virgo. It would be best if you had constant progress and movement forward, except that is not how life always goes. The stagnant times wear on you, but this is a time to GO! Your focus is coming back, and your mind is ready to move forward. Any projects you put off before can begin now. To start a new venture, thoroughly review plans, and find ways to organize yourself. Take your time and do things right the first time (slow and steady, you know). Don’t let any details go unnoticed. Any issues with your physical or mental health should be attended to as well. A healthy mind and body will only further you along your path. Even though some adjustments are happening, you are still moving forward!


This year has become one of reinvention for Libra. June is no different as the time for transformation has presented you with a wonderful opportunity. You work from emotional energy that uses logic to analyze and understand the world around you. Putting logic aside for once, what feels like the best way to show the world who you are? You’ve come to a point where it is impossible to hide anymore. This could cause people or situations to exit your life, but they will be replaced by something far superior. Don’t hold back, and don’t worry because the places you can reach are limitless. Do what you REALLY want for once!


Scorpio is naturally reserved when it comes to sharing the intimate details of their mysterious minds. June guides you away from unnecessary obsessions and towards destiny. Karma is at play, and pieces of the puzzle will fall into place perfectly. Your goals matter to you, and they guide your behavior. If you have been holding on to fear, let it go now. You are heading in a new direction, and to feel true fulfillment, you need to step out of your comfort zone. It’s time for you to act on your dreams because this moment is exactly what you have been working on manifesting. It’s all going to work out beautifully. Your destiny awaits!


Emotions are high right now, which can be difficult, but know that things work out according to plan. Feelings have been exploding around you, which forces you to acknowledge any sensitivities you may ignore at other times. This may be exhausting, but it’s necessary to embrace the divine feminine. Ignoring your feelings results in an unbalanced world. Feeling your emotions fully helps you understand the situation and people around you on a deeper level. As you navigate your way through this time, challenges will fall away, and you will overcome domestic concerns. Along with this, moving to a new home, stepping up as a leader, and overcoming insecurities are likely possibilities.


This June, you are thrust into the spotlight, which might take a little getting used to for some Capricorns. All you really need to be concerned with is that you deserve these accolades, and the world must acknowledge your hard work. There is good news on the way and a fun future ahead. You are entering a cycle where the attention from other people is directed your way. Whether you want to catch a person’s attention, the attention of an employer, or the attention of the public, confidence is the key that will unlock all the doors. Show pride in the person you are. Be willing to love yourself and respect your story. You have come so far in life, and it’s time that you show the world just how deserving you are.


When you feel like “something” is off, it’s often because your life is out of balance in places. Over the past months and weeks, you have found some beautiful opportunities, but you have also picked up negativity in one form or another. Perhaps a toxic situation has cropped up, and it’s time to change course. Perhaps you came to the realization that your path needs to change course. No matter the correction needed, you have to maintain hope. Plan out what you can let go of to move forward. Something exciting awaits you once you evaluate what changes to make. This will restore balance and help you create peace in your life.


A new beginning is coming in the realm of your profession. If you have been working hard towards manifesting a dream job, then get ready to receive it! If you have felt unhappy or unfulfilled in your job, this month’s energy is perfect for beginning the manifestation process. Look within and be honest about what you want. Plan a few months or even the next year. Where would you be happy ending up? Once you find your answers, take the time to think about the action steps needed to get there. The Universe will provide opportunities and open doors as long as you are walking through the doors. Get disciplined and believe in your ambitious dreams. You deserve to achieve exactly what you want.

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