May 2021 Oracle Forecast: Take Matters into YOUR Hands

Taking Charge of the Situation

May is upon us, and THAT means the May 2021 Oracle Forecast has arrived! The Universe is guiding the collective toward bold actions which will pave the way for you to get where you need (and want) to be. The only catch is that you’ll need to distance yourself from your comfort zone to achieve maximum results. But honestly, we’ve been waiting so long for substantial movement forward, so a little discomfort in exchange for growth is worth it!

Prepare to Act

It’s time to consider just how serious a given situation is to you. What has been on your mind lately? What areas of life have made you feel inadequate or ill-prepared? These things need to be tended with loving action. If you are not prepared to work for it then you may want to let it go for now. This doesn’t mean that you have to exhaust yourself mentally and physically. You have to be prepared to take action when opportunities arise. If you intend to continue forward, get motivated, organized, and be prepared to take matters into your own hands. Avoid being reckless as you steer your life in the direction of new beginnings!

The May 2021 Oracle Forecast predicts a push towards the conscious acceptance of what we deserve. Releasing the need to people-please or settle for less than your worth is a basic human right. Dedicate your time to owning your potential and stepping into true form. The time for passive action has passed. May is about action.

May 2021

Sun Sign and Rising Sign

Oracle Forecast

May reminds us that a passive take is not going to work. Any leadership skills will come into play and coupled with an assertive mindset, your situation will resolve positively. Each of the Sun signs and Rising signs have a special message from the Universe. Read the description of your Sun and Rising to find your message(s). The May 2021 Oracle Forecast was meant to guide you to your greatest potential.


The ebb and flow of life is a constant reminder of the balance we aim to keep. Your relationships are changing now. A serious new relationship or friendship is forming now and will revolutionize your life. If you are involved in a partnership that isn’t going anywhere good, cut ties immediately; something serious is waiting for you on the other side. A renewed sense of excitement and commitment to your current relationship might be on the way, too. Regardless, let go of anything that no longer serves your highest good because the Universe is ushering in a beautiful (and welcomed) change.


Tranquility is necessary energy. We can only build and hustle for so long until you need to slow down and regroup. Take time out this month to assess how far you have come. Find out where you stand after things peak. Without constant movement, you can relax and plan your next move, which is vital. You don’t want to move ahead blind to what is necessary for yourself, your relationships, or your career.  After a deep breath in, the release feels like a freeing end to the cycle. Allow the release to bring you back to a place of decisive action when the time feels right.


This month is all about the spotlight and if anyone is partial to that, it’s a confident Gemini! There is good news on the way and a fun future ahead. You are entering a cycle where the attention from other people is directed your way. Whether you want to catch a person’s attention or the attention of an employer, confidence is the key that will unlock all the doors. Show pride in the person you are. Be willing to love yourself and respect your story. You have come so far in life and it’s time that you show the world just how deserving you are.


It’s a YES, Cancer Crew! Whatever (or whoever) you have been waiting for is finally here! Release any anxious feelings and accept the hopeful future as a new beginning has arrived. Let past setbacks become a valuable lesson. Everything you went through was meant to be because the place you are now is your desires manifested. It may be a little frightening to start over again, but the stagnant place you were in is no longer viable. All the work you put in along the way is paying off, and positive blessings surround the situation. Any toxic feelings or people will soon be cleared up or cleared away.


Is there room for improvement when it comes to your temperament? Emotions are at an all-time high right now. This month will shine a light on your expectations versus the expectations of others. There is a situation creating a power struggle, and the best advice would be to wait patiently and see what comes up next. Perhaps you could look at how you’ve been handling the situation and your demeanor. As the situation peaks, try to be as peaceful as possible. Sometimes all it takes is loving-kindness, and an otherwise tense situation is defused.


Your words have power, for better or for worse. Lessons involving communication and acknowledging your needs have been following you for some time now. Speak your truth to find answers and be aware that the things you say impact people and situations. You might be close to a resolution or the creation of a new and interesting situation for yourself. This most likely a job or a relationship shift. Go forth and create the magic you deserve. Just know, you have to use your words and critiques wisely, so you don’t cause any problems for yourself in the process.


Pay attention to any doors closing at this time. The Universe wants you to know that it was meant to be and you need to accept the ending. This door was not meant to open back up because there is a different path ahead. Everything you are going through right now is all part of your soul’s evolution. Forgive, let go, and move on from any setbacks. You might have a hard time with this, but allowing events to unfold as they should be is in your best interests. Meditation and yoga will help to balance your energy, but remember to be gentle with yourself. This is a challenging, but necessary time.


The beauty of ideal romance, art, true love, and deeply felt emotion might seem like something from a dream. In life, we often find our every day to be a huge disappointment when compared to the beauty of our imagination. This month conjures a new start, and your dreams play a central role. Guided by your feelings, face whatever has been holding you back and set yourself free. Don’t play games with yourself or your life. Listen to your heart because it will not lead you astray. Accept what it is that you want and allow that situation to manifest in the most majestic way. An ideal situation is meant to be.


Your strongest emotions are communicating something from the Universe. Whatever feelings are bubbling up, take a deep breath, and calm your mind. Notice the emotions surfacing. You are immersed in a turning point where conclusions are happening in life. It is easy to be emotionally turbulent during this time, but you have the power to control things. Surrender to the divine plan set forth as everything is always happening in your best interests. Sometimes our exact wishes are fulfilled, and sometimes they are fulfilled as something we could never have imagined. Regardless, keep your head about you as things unfold.


If things have felt stagnant for a while, a new and exciting time has entered your life, Capricorn! Change is coming, and there is no looking back. Quick movements in the direction of your dreams will manifest this month. Be on the lookout for any offers coming your way. Someone believes in your worth, and that situation is part of your destiny. Believe in yourself while you move forward. Remember, when good things come to you, then you should do good in return. This month you will be gifted with beautiful opportunities, so make sure to give love back graciously!


What do you believe is possible? Do you feel limited in your reach? Who holds power in your life? Your answer to these questions will define the future of your situation. If you are committed to your dreams, then you should have confidence in their manifestation. If you are unsure, then expect a similar result from the Universe. No matter what, you are learning valuable lessons. Keep putting in the effort for your commitments. If you want to give up, then that is fine, too. Just show loyalty to where you want to put your effort. Challenges met with confidence and commitment will resolve as they were meant to.


Does it feel safe inside your bubble, or do you feel restricted in a confined area? You have come to a point where it is no longer possible to stay safely wrapped in your cocoon. Whatever routine you have created needs to be shaken and awakened. Your mental and physical health are important to consider. A pattern of behavior, career situation, or unhealthy relationship needs to be released. Even if you have been stubbornly ignoring them, your feelings of being trapped, stuck, or pinned down signal a need to break free. It’s time to make some changes. What you find, on the other side, will be WELL worth the effort!

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