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April 2021 Oracle Forecast: Concluding and Communicating

Conclusions Bring New Beginnings

Along with the awakening in spring, the April Oracle Forecast brings signs of heartfelt words, socializing, communication, and travel. Similar to springtime, April is full of possibilities and new beginnings. If you accepted the challenge to grow, then April has your reward, and it is one where you are in control of a fantastic fate.

It’s time for a new path. We’ve all been feeling this for a LONG while. The collective needs a change in many ways. How is this going to happen, though? It seems like we’re always calling for change, but things never really give. Yes, we want to move ahead, Yes, we need new opportunities, YES, we want to break the cycle! Where do we start?

It Begins with You

Your first step will be to decide what YOU want. Regardless of the answer, communication will be the key to unlocking your new beginning. If you want a successful relationship: communicate. If you want to be a valuable addition to the workplace: communicate. If you want to help the world to shift away from negative patterns: communicate. If you want lasting friendships: communicate.

The April Oracle Forecast predicts the beginning of a new cycle; therefore, a new opportunity. Any form of communication will help you, as the process will reveal new experiences and people. Doors will open, and dreams will come true. This has been building for a while now, so don’t miss the opportunities while they are available. Prioritize that which is most important and those who you love most.

April 2021

Sun Sign and Rising Sign

Oracle Forecast

April urges us to recognize that we have peaked in our path, and things must descend towards change. Just like in March, these karmic lessons are difficult but important for soul growth. Each of the Sun signs and Rising signs have a special message from the Universe. Read the description of your Sun and Rising to find your message(s). Looking at the fourth month of 2021, your April Oracle Forecast says that each individual must challenge themselves to recognize an ending and get on track for a new beginning. Meditation and yoga will help to balance your energy, but remember to be gentle with yourself. This is a challenging but necessary time.


It’s an excellent time to use that stubbornness to your advantage! Stay the course and accept any setbacks as learning opportunities. Don’t waste effort on underrating yourself because your fortitude is a blessing. Be honest with yourself by accepting what you need to grow. Quit being so critical, throw away any obsessive tendencies around perfection, and loosen the need to worry about things that don’t matter. If you use your energy second-guessing your choices, you will lose out on the opportunity to raise humanity’s vibrations.


When you follow the guidance of your higher-self, you won’t be let down in the end. Balance the energy you give to dreaming up solutions with the energy you give to implementing practical action steps. It’s time to get moving now because you have planned enough. Your responsibilities have come calling and without proper balance, you will spend all your time dreaming and nothing will get done. Your practical nature is an asset here, so let yourself shine. Practice mediation as a way to harness your mental focus. Solutions will appear when you least expect them!


No matter what lies ahead, keep moving forward, Gemini! This month is about rebirth and beginning anew. A full transformation is happening for you and this can be difficult for a lot of people. To ease yourself through this shadow period, try to understand that the death of the old is necessary for the birth of the new. Bravely face everything head-on by working through the darkness. When you do so, there will be a lightness waiting. The new beginning is where you are meant to be. Don’t let fear or paranoia hold you back from being the magical being you are!


All the unnecessary worry you carry is far too heavy these days. Put it aside. This, however, is easier said than done. It’s important to remember that your highest good is the ultimate goal. You give so much to everyone else that you need to be your best. Even if things don’t work out exactly as you want, the Universe holds your highest good in mind. Something better is always around the corner, and you are being asked to trust that this is your truth. Whatever you are creating for the future needs to be considered. Surrender your need to control and allow your intuition to guide your behavior. These simple changes will make all the difference.


Holding a grudge or holding on to the past will never help guide you towards your desired future. The world is always moving and you must move with it. The past is the past, and to have a bright future ahead, you must tend to the unhealed parts of you. This requires you to confront what lingers in the shadow. Things will go according to plan if you take the necessary steps to recover. Then, as if by magic, all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Take your time and be patient with yourself in this situation. Anything is possible, so choose what is best for YOU!


In what ways do you require a release? Your situation is at a point where you need to self-reflect to eliminate any stagnation. First, do you feel like you need to stand firm in your conviction? This first path requires you to have faith in a situation that feels right. Your solution comes with patience and faith. The second path leads you to let go and accept change. Stop digging in and move seamlessly with the flow of the Universe. Regardless of your path, this change will mean an enduring relationship in your life.


You are at the point where you must release any physical or emotional baggage to find a new beginning. Hanging on to your past will hinder your happiness in the future, and happiness is exactly what you deserve! You have learned what you could from this situation, and it’s time to move forward, to move on. Flow with the Universe and accept the changes. Moving on from what we no longer need can be difficult, but you will find a sense of relief as the past falls away. Something new is on the horizon.


A Scorpio is known for intensity, but tranquility is necessary energy, too. We can only build and hustle for so long until you need to slow down and regroup. Take time out this month to assess how far you have come. Find out where you stand after things peak. Without constant movement, you can relax and plan your next move, which is vital. You don’t want to move ahead blind to what is necessary to yourself, your relationships, or your career.  After a deep breath in, the release feels like a freeing end to the cycle. Allow the release to cycle you back to action when the time comes.


Big moves are forecast for Sagittarius. A movement and/or transition directly towards your dreams is happening this month. The transition is specifically linked to your family, children, partner, roommates, or moving house. A new cycle is set in motion, and it will force you to put family first. Reconnect with your family, start a family, or give yourself the nurturing love we often put aside. If your emotions get the better of you during this transition, meditate, spend time near water, or find silence. Rest assured, this transition is going to be in your favor. Let go and receive.


A difficult cycle is at its end, but you are not off the hook just yet. Opportunities are coming at you from every direction. All these lessons have been profound but difficult nonetheless. Growth can be like that! The person standing on the other side of this is not the same person who began the journey. If you are willing to put in the work for a while longer (and stick to it), things will pay off in your favor. Help yourself out by planning better, actively dealing with bad habits, or prioritizing aspects of your life that you sometimes neglect. Face the reality of your situation and move forward knowing that you are capable.


There are going to be ample opportunities for you to smile this month. That’s especially welcome if you have found smiles, laughter, happiness, and expansion lacking lately. Whatever is coming your way will be a lucky start to a period of joy and adventure. Change up your routine, start something new, or go somewhere exciting. These actions will create positive changes and help broaden your horizons. Your optimism will also help to attract lucky opportunities. Attitude is everything, so show gratitude for anything.


A Pisces is a unique creature who bestows passion and creativity in the world. Often people will find your energy somewhat curious, but it is only because you see the world with more depth than most others. Sometimes that trait can wear on those around you. So, it works if you are open to meeting people where they are rather than forcing them to be at your level. Your dreams are essential; your self-worth is important, too. If you don’t occasionally check-in with those around you, your relationships could end at a standstill. The bright energy and creative nature of Pisces can manifest pure magic, so don’t hesitate to create a situation that works for everyone involved.

A Final Reminder for April:

Reaching a Conclusion

Pay attention to any doors that are closing right now. The Universe wants you to know that it was meant to be, and you need to accept the ending. This door was not meant to open back up because there is a different path ahead. Everything you are going through right now is all part of your soul’s evolution. The April Oracle Forecast predicts a need for you to forgive, let go, and move on from any setbacks. You might have a hard time with this, but allowing events to unfold as they should be is in your best interests. 

I thank you for reading and truly appreciate your support.

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