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February Oracle Forecast: A Prosperous Future

Accessing Your Hidden Needs

The February Oracle Forecast is here, late, but here. Your experiences during the second month of 2021 are likely varied, yet one thing is true. Your self-worth is a primary focus and cannot be ignored. When you begin to value yourself, you will see wondrous changes.

The second month of the year is already underway as I write this piece. I read the oracle cards on the first day of February, but I felt blocked and couldn’t write the forecast to explain this month’s vibrations properly. Perhaps Mercury Retrograde had something to do with my communication blocks? That would definitely check out! As Mercury goes direct on February 20th, it’s time to get going on these messages! The February Oracle Forecast congratulates you for shedding some of the outdated beliefs of the past. As there is still a ways to go, self-care is the primary mover towards a brighter, more abundant future. You can access what you need.

Creating Abundance

As it was in January, the energy of February is still potent. People are demanding change, and the Universe is providing uncomfortable situations which force us to take a good look at the way things are. If we don’t like what we see, move in the direction of change. The collective must believe that we deserve more. Our collective value is far more important than we know. It’s time to pay attention to the signs.

When we acknowledge that we are a valuable piece of the collective puzzle, we attract people and situations that vibrate similarly. You can have what you need, and most often what you want. It’s not always provided in the exact manner you are asking, but the elements are still there. Relationships are a prime example of getting what you need. The energy in February is ripe for creating romantic opportunities, but you cannot always attract the exact person in your mind. Is it possible, though? Of course, but it is better to focus on loving yourself and then deciding what you value most in a relationship and a partner? Always. The person you attract will always have free-will just as you do. Don’t lose the love you have for yourself in the process of seeking a partner.

Taking Action

Some helpful action steps would be to place value on your physical body and mind. Get a massage, start eating a variety of whole foods, and move your body in ways that bring joy. Read or listen to self-improvement texts that focus on awakening to your truth. Avoid anything judgmental or intolerant. Let your intuition guide you towards what is most helpful. Getting clear about the improvements you intend for yourself will help bring peace.

Beyond creating abundance in the form of self-care opportunities, February pushes us towards financial abundance as well. Save money, create a financial action plan for the year, and act on any opportunities you feel drawn towards. If you need to start small, then do so. Things will build in time.

February 2021

Sun Sign and Rising Sign

Oracle Forecast

February urges the collective to create abundance in any way that you feel drawn towards. Show gratitude for what you already have and let go of unnecessary worry. Work your magic and allow. Each of the Sun signs and Rising signs have a special message from the Universe. Looking at the second month of 2021, your February Oracle Forecast says that your comfort in life is just as important as other needs. Don’t give up if things feel like they are not coming easily. The Universe will ultimately provide.


It’s only natural for Aries to dive head-first into a situation and put all their effort into immediate action. If things don’t blossom immediately, then Aries will often become bored and move on to other (more exciting) endeavors. This is a sign to stick to your path and have faith in a positive outcome. Don’t give up just yet! Keep working, make a long-term plan, implement action steps, or simply be patient. Everything is going to work out if you maintain faith for the future.


It’s a great month to use your stubborn nature to your advantage! Stay the course and accept any setbacks as learning opportunities. Don’t waste the effort underrating yourself because your fortitude is a blessing. Be honest with yourself by accepting what you need to grow. Quit being so critical, throw away any obsessive tendencies around perfection, and loosen the need to worry about things that don’t matter. If you use your energy second-guessing your choices, you will lose out on the opportunity to raise humanity’s vibrations.


You have been going through it lately, Gemini. All the lessons coming at you have been profound, but difficult nonetheless. The difficult cycle is at its end now, but you are not off the hook just yet. If you are willing to put in the work for a while longer and stick to it, things will pay off in your favor. The work you need to put in could be helped by planning better, actively dealing with any bad habits, or prioritizing aspects of your life that you sometimes neglect. Face the reality of your situation and move forward in knowing that you are capable. Keep the hope alive.


Every once in a while, a situation presents itself, and you cannot say no! A rare chance is coming this month, which will present an interesting opportunity. Be both cautious and optimistic because if you miss the chance, it won’t come around again any time soon. You need to take advantage of your luck right now and be fearless. This opportunity could come in the form of a job opportunity or a chance meeting, but whatever it is, show gratitude because it is exactly what you need. Believe in the power of your dreams.


You are in tune with the Universe, and your intuition is a superpower. If you have felt that something is not right about a situation, then follow your gut. Let go of what feels uncertain, incorrect, or “off” because you are tapping into truth. Follow the guidance of your higher self and the knowledge that letting go of one situation will lead you to exactly the place you need to be. Indeed, this action is not always easy, but it’s also true that it is worth it in the end.


February brings a new start. Your first step will be to unscramble the puzzle that is YOU. What is it that you want? Communication will be the key to unlocking your new beginning. If you want a successful relationship: communicate. If you want to be a valuable addition to the workplace: communicate. If you want lasting friendships: communicate. The new year is a new cycle; therefore, a new opportunity. Any form of communication will help you, but the process will reveal new experiences and people. Doors will open, and dreams will come true. 


What do you believe is possible? Your answer to that question will define the future of your situation. If you are committed to your dreams, then you should have confidence in their manifestation. If you are unsure, then expect a similar result from the Universe. Keep putting in the effort for your commitments. If you want to give up, then that is fine, too. Just commit to where you want to put your effort. Challenges met with confidence and commitment will resolve as they were meant to.


What is it that you want right now? What are your real dreams? Movement in the direction you were heading has stalled, even if other life changes are happening all around. This can be an uncomfortable place to be, but there is purpose in the stillness. Be honest with yourself, write everything down, and believe in your worth! Sometimes dreams need a practical, well-thought-out plan. Take small steps in the direction you intend to end up and watch as a new world begins to open before your very eyes.


You can be a passionately intense person, and sometimes that trait can wear on those around you. Sometimes you have to meet people where they are rather than forcing them to be at your level. Your dreams are essential; your self-worth is important, too. If you don’t occasionally check your pride, you will find your relationships ended in a deadlock. Your bright energy and creative nature can manifest pure magic, so don’t hesitate to create a situation that works for everyone involved. 


Are things moving along slowly during the first couple of months of this year? 2021 sets you up to get more organized. The beginning of the year is made to allow you to change lifestyle habits, which could take a little time for a Capricorn. Your entire life is about to change for the better, and any past difficulty was meant to direct you towards purposeful lessons. The longer you avoid the unavoidable, the more difficult it will be in the end. You want things from life that require effort. If anyone is capable of that, it’s you.


February is an exciting time for Aquarius! Everything you are going through is for your highest and best good. The Universe has given you the green light to move forward on something you have been waiting for, which is great news. Changes are happening as you push ahead. Let things fall away, and if uncomfortable feelings arise, try to feel them and honor them as part of your journey. New beginnings can cause some residual emotion to surface, and it’s best to accept it and then move past it when you are ready. On the other side of it, there will be a path that leads to an important turning point. Enjoy the ride!


Put aside any unnecessary worry you have been carrying. This, however, is easier said than done. Even if things don’t work out exactly as you want, the Universe holds your highest good in mind. Your highest good is the ultimate goal. Something better is always around the corner, and you are being asked to trust that this is your truth. Whatever you are creating for the future needs to be considered. Surrender your need to control and allow your intuition to guide your behavior. These simple changes will make all the difference.


Stephanie is a teacher, both academically and spiritually, offering a variety of information and skills. A former high school English teacher by day, Stephanie has been immersed in spiritual teachings such as meditation, reiki, astrology, manifestation, numerology, and symbolism for over 15 years. As a student of the Universe, Stephanie brings these teachings to a level of understanding and application, which all people can comfortably utilize.

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