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The 2021 Yearly Oracle Forecast

It Will Get Better Soon: Releasing Judgement and Illusion in 2021

It’s no secret that 2020 was a challenging year, but the 2021 Yearly Oracle Forecast begs the question, what exactly did you find within the difficulty? Your answer to this question will guide the process of rebuilding in 2021.

Out with the old…

As I reflect on the last year and the 2021 Yearly Oracle Forecast, it’s clear 2020 was meant to collapse the old and ready us for change. Similar to when the darkness turns to daylight, the beautiful sunrise doesn’t yield absolute light straight away. It builds over the course of hours and with each minute grows more and more brilliant. These next years are going to be just like that analogy. After the darkness comes to the dawn, and as beautiful as it may be, it’s still building itself up to become new.

Our Unique Challenges

Messages and signs from the Universe are all around us, but they grow more prevalent for those who accept them. As the challenges of 2020 mounted one after the next, our collective saw glimpses of union amongst the divide. Our roles are many, but our purpose is singular: to love. 

We are all Spirit and connected to Source; therefore, we are all here to experience the multitude of love around us while at the same time playing out the most realistic drama. It’s quite challenging, and at times, impossible to maintain a sense of understanding when being bombarded with hate, ignorance, fear, and injustice. Change is necessary as we cannot and should not sustain this current state of affairs. Instinct tells us to fight back with an equal amount of venom, but intuition guides us to understand these struggles.


2021 brings a sliver of light where there was seemingly none before. Our eyes will find hope more clearly, and we will use this hope to begin rebuilding what needed to fall. The most important aspect of our rebuilding year will be the idea of judgment. Our differences are on purpose. When we finally understand that everyone and everything here is connected, when we realize that we can incarnate into every situation available, our rebuilding will begin. 

Releasing Illusion

Look past the illusion of your body, your storyline. Choose to see each experience as something you were once, or one day will be. Treat each other with the same respect as you expect. Call people out if need be, but find the will to teach and motivate each other. Choose to find the love within each situation. Find where the anger comes from and why it’s expression triggers you. We are here to learn, and finding compassion instead of judgment will check that ego.

Accept your lessons with humility. Give others a chance to grow. Ignorance left unchecked and unhealed will breed more judgment and hatred. Dig deep and find your empathy. Help each other, and forgive yourself for the moments of weakness and unconsciousness. 2021 will be an opportunity for everyone to be better.


The Oracle Forecast

The 2021 Yearly Oracle Forecast urges the collective to adopt empathy and understanding. Seeing yourself as superior is just as bad as seeing yourself as insignificant. I sense that our bodies and minds are tired, but our souls want us to gain perspective. Judgment will only halt any progress. Compassion, understanding, and enlightening stories are the key to a healing future. Each of the Sun signs and Rising signs have a special message from the Universe. Looking at our new year, your 2021 Yearly Oracle Forecast pushes you to places you need to go. Dedicate some time to learning, but don’t forget to guide others around you too. You are never too old to learn!

Accept Destiny

Find your Sun sign and your Rising sign to get a helpful message from the Universe. If you need help finding your Sun and/or Rising sign, use the following link to calculate your astrology (birth) chart. It’s time to move forward.

Aries Sun & Aries Rising

Welcome to 2021 Aries and Aries Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Peace
  • Acknowledging Fear
  • Denial
  • Awareness
  • Quiet and Calm
  • Patience
  • Release
  • Acceptance

Enjoy the ride and remember, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.


As you navigate your way through 2021, begin to note anyone or anything that triggers a loss of peace. Your conscious awareness of harmful aspects in your life will help you build a sense of balance. Becoming the observer of your thoughts and actions will help you identify and remove anything unwanted from your life. This idea also pertains to your relationships, not just your actions. If a certain person is negatively impacting your life in a toxic manner, say goodbye. 

Holding on to resentment, anger, fear, or injustices bring pain you might not even be aware you are carrying. This is the year to release these burdens before they get a chance to become heavier. Accept that the past has taught you many lessons that allow for a change in the present. Deal with emotions head-on rather than ignoring or avoiding them.  

Release the need to be constantly moving, talking, thinking, or acting. Peace and patience will attract joy. Stillness will bring solace. The people around you will benefit when you develop a more patient disposition. You will begin to see the beauty in each moment and watch as each miracle in life unfolds in front of you. It is often the most simple changes that create a lifetime of wonder.

Taurus Sun & Taurus Rising

Welcome to 2021 Taurus and Taurus Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Purpose
  • Obligation
  • Sharing Experiences
  • Relationships
  • Self-Care
  • Worry
  • Finding Hope
  • Perspective

Connecting to your intuition will guide your path towards greater joy and love.


Your life is full of obligations that can become an overwhelming distraction from what you truly need. Perhaps these distractions have created a situation that you no longer wish to manifest. There is hope for change. As 2021 unfolds, your purpose in life will pull you in a new direction. Whatever captures your heart and produces joy, love, and satisfaction will begin to manifest, thereby connecting you to a new way of living. Career shifts, new hobbies, or changing responsibilities are in store. 

Start this process by gaining clarity on what activities and people really speak to you. Attention paid to important relationships within your life will help guide your purpose. We are defined by the people around us and the company we keep. Perhaps some need to be released; perhaps some need more attention. Regardless, all the lessons we gain are essential. 

When it comes to navigating the next year, worry will try to control you. The unnecessary worries of your day to day life will only attract the object of your worrisome imagination. Once you realize that worry is simply an illusion created by your mind, your power is restored and replaced with hope.

Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising

Welcome to 2021 Gemini and Gemini Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Change
  • Evolution
  • Fear
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Opportunity
  • Success
  • Embracing Love
  • Compassion

Whatever manifests is within your power. Take the opportunity to create love.


Change is an inevitable aspect of our life. 2021 will give you a fair amount, but it is up to you in how you frame the changing circumstances. Surprises can be uncomfortable, but without movement, you will never grow. Staying in your comfort zone is easy; it’s reliable and safe. This can feel good for a time, but eventually, you will be forced to replace the old with something new. Allow yourself the power to manifest the direction.

Opportunities abound in the absence of fear. When we are in the midst of change, fear is a reaction to the challenges ahead. Trust in the Universe and your potential for creation. The source of everything is love and your true form. Once love is recognized, fear diminishes. This will be your soul’s true test this year.

Becoming conscious of our negative emotions and reactions is important when working towards a successful future. As you navigate 2021, focus on where the love is hiding. Focus on embracing the love in the midst of a challenging situation. Negative emotions are a given in life, but this is the year you grow in compassion for yourself and others by confronting darkness and recognizing it as an illusion.

Cancer Sun & Cancer Rising

Welcome to 2021 Cancer and Cancer Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Indecision
  • Visualization
  • Release Control
  • Surrender
  • Trusting Intuition
  • Calm
  • Cutting Ties
  • Acceptance

The process is complicated, resulting in brilliant soul growth. Go forth fearlessly


Your connection to the Universe is strong, and 2021 will provide definitive proof of your power. After a year of visualizing what you expect and recreating your image, the next year will provide just what you have come to expect. Leave the expectations of others behind, along with any indecision limiting your growth. If a decision feels good and brings joy, go with it. You are in control, and the Universe will back you up!

When speaking of control, your year will be defined by the arenas where you hold the most power. Your control over your internal world, your emotions, and reactions will bring you the most influence over your world. Externally, you cannot control the feelings, decisions, and responses of other people. If a relationship isn’t working, it is within your power to attract one better suited for where you are in your development. With free-will, we all have this power. Surrender any manipulative tendencies and watch your world shift into precisely what you intend for yourself. It will feel like magic.

Working towards a place of peace is an important goal. Releasing negative emotions, toxic relationships, and outdated beliefs will bring relief and solace. If you begin to notice pieces of your life draw in more stress than peace, become aware and intend for proper perspective changes. The Universe knows what to do. Your trust is your biggest asset in 2021.

Leo Sun & Leo Rising

Welcome to 2021 Leo and Leo Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Self-Care
  • Pride
  • Compassion
  • Growth
  • Mindfulness
  • Loneliness
  • Receiving
  • Solitude

The moments where I learn the most are the moments where I confront challenges.


With the coming year, be proud of how far you have come. Release any negative emotions about yourself and ease up on any criticisms. 2021 is about celebrating everything you give to humanity. Perhaps you are not even aware of how much compassion you pour into the world, or maybe you are? Regardless, your positive image and brave disposition give others something to believe in, and that shifts a lot of negative perspectives towards a brighter future. 

Keep inspiring humanity towards growth. You are a natural cheerleader, and people admire you for that, but it is time to challenge yourself to expand further. Live your life in a state of mindfulness as focusing on the present moment will connect you to a deeper understanding of the world. The wisdom you gain from this simple shift will eliminate unnecessary distractions and draw in opportunities.

Sometimes in the process of bettering your physical form and inspiring others, you forget about appreciating yourself. If loneliness crops up this year, remember to look inward at the relationship you hold with yourself. When you eliminate unnecessary pessimism and fault-finding, you will find a solid sense of self.

Virgo Sun & Virgo Rising

Welcome to 2021 Virgo and Virgo Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Service
  • Giving
  • Blame
  • Success
  • Transformation
  • Responsibility
  • Radiate Love
  • Kindness

The power of kindness enriches your soul and brings joy to your heart. Give to others with unending joy.


There is nowhere a Virgo feels more at home than when they are of service to others. The coming year will offer many opportunities for you to give back in ways that help raise the collective vibration. Begin looking for places where you can benefit humanity with your unique brand of service. No matter the amount or type, any support you can offer the world this year will help.

Understanding your need to serve others tangibly is a noble mission, but you cannot forget about yourself in the process. 2021 is about prioritizing your happiness outside of others. If a situation or person is to blame for any unpleasant feelings, look into severing any victim consciousness ties. A significant part of your responsibility in this life is to yourself and your empowerment. Begin looking within and find areas where transformation is possible. 

Time will heal all challenges. Success will come for you; that much is inevitable. No matter where you are on your path, find times when you can replace ego with love. Expressing love to the world and yourself will only excite success in the end.

Libra Sun & Libra Rising

Welcome to 2021 Libra and Libra Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Acceptance
  • Envy
  • Challenges
  • Discipline
  • Accomplishment
  • Forgiveness
  • Choices
  • Blame

Delaying a priority challenges forward motion. Boldly confront any difficulties to resolve underlying issues.


Belief in your worth and your place along your path is an essential lesson in 2021. Any envy or jealousy you feel for someone walking a different path will only lead to a negative assessment of yourself. This assessment is not based in reality as you are completely disregarding your authentic self. Find inspiration and guidance in others, but know that your life lessons are valuable and your road is important.

The coming year will be the perfect opportunity to let go of toxic emotions, people, and tendencies by reevaluating what is truly important. If you keep ending up at a dead-end, then you are going the wrong way. Once you choose to accomplish these changes, that discipline will help you manage your life. Complete tasks, find order and plan the parameters of your growth.

Above all, 2021 will allow for opportunities to forgive. This will include yourself. You have carried these difficulties long enough and you deserve a permanent break. Releasing anger, injustice, blame, failure, hate, and guilt will lighten the load as you become a completely different person. Keeping these negative emotions will further the karmic cycles and continue the lessons. Forgiveness doesn’t mean letting someone back into your life after unimaginable hurt. Forgiveness means freeing your energy to attract love back into your life.

Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising

Welcome to 2021 Scorpio and Scorpio Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Patience
  • Divine Timing
  • Mindfulness
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Creation
  • Release Judgment
  • Healing

Feelings of anticipation along the way bring great reward in the end. Find fulfillment in the process of growth.


Accept that there is a rhythm to life as everything happens at the exact right time. If you have felt delayed or blocked in the past that is because the Universe has something in store for you. This is very good news going into 2021. As life unfolds you will see signs that your dreams are manifesting into form. Keep the lessons you have learned along the road and show gratitude for the journey. A miraculous end is in sight.

When you open yourself to new insights and information your entire world will shift for the better. You are a true individual with a unique spirit and the power to imagine creation. The power to manifest happiness lies within your heart. Distance yourself from the expectations of others and follow your instincts. In the end, you are responsible for your destiny.

Center your 2021 vibration around the energy of love. Your link to the Universe is powerful and your ability to heal from difficulties is profound. If a low point crops up in the next year, feel the emotions for what they are and then switch your perspective to what you need to learn. When you look for love in situations then you will find strength. You will find harmony in your relationships and peace in your mind.

Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Rising

Welcome to 2021 Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Honesty
  • Understanding
  • Free-Will
  • Gratitude
  • Contemplation
  • Truth
  • Empathy
  • Accepting Reality

Honesty is a gift. Choose to acknowledge and accept yourself from a place of appreciation.


What has the shadow revealed to you in the last year? Confront the truth before you, and be boldly honest with yourself. For better or worse, honesty is a staple Sagittarian trait that will benefit your growth in 2021. A reality check is needed for yourself or someone close to you this year. Whenever comes a time to be honest, express yourself with as much tact as you can muster. A reality check is a must, but nobody, including yourself, is looking to get their feelings hurt during this. 

The coming year presents so many opportunities to show your gratitude. The energy created by gratitude will awaken stagnant paths. Each lesson that comes up will be a unique opportunity to grow in the exact direction you need! This is a blessing, not a curse. Your dreams are manifesting, and you are growing. Go with the flow and accept each opportunity as it presents itself.

If 2020 has you feeling lost in a cycle of negative emotions and behaviors, empathy will be your healing balm. When we seek to understand each other rather than judging each other, empathy blossoms. Begin seeing the people around you through a lens of compassion. Each individual has their own struggles, and your role is to support them and hold space for their healing. Find your way back to love.

Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Rising

Welcome to 2021 Capricorn and Capricorn Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Relationships
  • Understanding
  • Friendship
  • Uncertainty
  • Attraction
  • Learning
  • Indecision
  • Bonding

People may come and go, but our bonds stay intact. Our connections create life’s most precious lessons.


Healing your relationships and creating more substantial relationships is the primary focus of 2021. If you feel loss over past relationships know that separation is only an illusion of our minds. We are always together and a part of each other. If something didn’t work out, the lessons were your purpose for the meeting. Begin to understand yourself more in order for others to know you more fully. This simple act will build a stronger foundation for anyone appearing in your life or those here for the long-haul.

This year is going to be filled with bonding and friendship. If you have felt distant from others or lacking in connection, which is likely the case given 2020’s vibe, your heart will find healing in this arena. Whatever heartbreak was experienced, release the frustration you carry. You will reconnect with old friends and even attract new people into your life who are trustworthy, loyal, and kind. Your soul family is about to grow in number!

The only expectations you should worry about are the expectations you hold for yourself. Even then you should go easy with your goals. Silence your mind and connect with your higher self, your intuition. Guide your decisions based on love instead of fear. The decisions you make don’t have to be difficult, but you should always listen to the way your body reacts to the possible choices. The signs are always immediately available.

Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising

Welcome to 2021 Aquarius and Aquarius Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Friendships
  • Fear
  • Manifestation
  • Creating Trust
  • Success
  • Connection
  • Evolution of Soul
  • Live with Love

Imagining a beautiful future creates the thing. A life filled with love and trust produces everything you need.


Everyone on our path is meant to be there. These individuals created a soul contract with you, and their presence is no accident. In 2021, your friendship pool will begin to refill. Begin such a social sign, the last year was particularly isolating for Aquarius, but great shifts are coming. An influx of opportunities to connect will appear, and you will feel fulfilled more than ever before. You will also be more grateful for those in your life because you felt first-hand what it was like to go without. Communication is wonderfully simple in today’s day in age, but nothing beats simply being with someone. 

Parts of life can be complicated, but don’t let yourself get caught up in fear. Choose to find the love and the lessons in any situation that causes you uneasy feelings. Any feelings of fear are completely valid but look at the reasons behind the trigger. What is the purpose? Trust in your sharp mind and your ability to work through everything coming your way.

In the end, 2021 will deliver extraordinary gifts and opportunities to express and feel love on a scale you have never felt before. Whatever hurts have come, time and tenacity will heal your heart. You are going to be a success, and you are destined for great things. Whenever the Universe gifts an opportunity to show the world love and compassion, do so. These simple acts will be what you need to feel true success.

Pisces Sun & Pisces Rising

Welcome to 2021 Pisces and Pisces Rising!
Here are the themes of your year: 
  • Happiness
  • Accepting Truth
  • Imagination
  • Creation
  • Finding the Path
  • Doubt
  • Manifestation
  • Release

Move forth comfortably knowing the path is meant to guide you. Feeling the high vibrations of joy attracts what you need.


What a pleasant shift 2021 brings, one in which you can thank your heightened sense of emotion! Becoming aware of your happiness will guide you towards the correct path. Pisces are naturally attuned to their feelings, so connecting with happiness should feel quite simple for most of you. Whatever choices come your way this year, choose what will bring you true joy, not simple gratification. If someone comes into your life needing a little uplifting, teach them what it means to follow your bliss. 

The beauty of an active imagination is that it can bring hope in difficult times. Your naturally creative mind will guide your new year and offer many opportunities. Whatever you want to attract, imagine it. Whatever you want to see, feel it in the imagination. Express yourself and watch your dreams come to fruition. You are the captain this year, and you will navigate 2021 with the power of imaginative creation.

It’s an easy task for Pisces to go deep into their thoughts and contemplate the mysteries of the Universe. Sometimes this train of thought leads to uncomfortable feelings that overwhelm the senses. Begin a practice of trust when you begin to doubt your beliefs. Trust that the Universe and your connection to it are infinite. Release the need to know everything and become aware of what is available to you in the present moment.


Stephanie is a teacher, both academically and spiritually, offering a variety of information and skills. A former high school English teacher by day, Stephanie has been immersed in spiritual teachings such as meditation, reiki, astrology, manifestation, numerology, and symbolism for over 15 years. As a student of the Universe, Stephanie brings these teachings to a level of understanding and application, which all people can comfortably utilize.

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