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September Oracle Forecast: Unlocking Mysteries

Who else is ready to release summer and embrace autumn? 

Your September Oracle Forecast has arrived and it’s time to shift our perspective. Summer came at a difficult time in our collective history. We moved through the season’s lessons as a divide formed among humanity. How can we move forward when the opposition is so strong? Well, the September Oracle Forecast challenges us to shift our perspective and reap the rewards.

An Autumn Bounty…

No matter your location, autumn brings an excitement like no other. Often a staunch favorite of the seasons, autumn has a range of energy to suit many personalities. Autumn’s bounty, comfort, darkness, and flavor casts a spell on us all.

So, will the 2020 vibe ruin our precious autumn? That is going to be up to you! The September Oracle Forecast seems to be pushing humanity towards a shift or breaking point. Our ability to focus on caring for the collective rather than the individual will change our course in auspicious ways. Finding time to meditate and care for yourself will elevate your energy and put you in a position to do your part happily.

September begins the fall season and this beginning is exactly where you will find a fresh start, too. Face any fears by looking forward with hope instead of confusion or disappointment. Use your time to daydream and inspire others. Find opportunities for creative expression. In truth, we are entering a phase of healing. If we let it happen, then we move on from this difficult lesson in empathy!

September 2020

Sun Sign Oracle Forecast

As summer fades, September ushers in the final harvest! Will the season of bounty manifest beauty in my personal life? Each of the Sun signs has a special message from the Universe. Looking at the first month of autumn, your September Oracle Forecast says mysteries will be revealed as your manifestations create new beginnings.


Express gratitude for your summer love because it might be time to say goodbye! If you are involved in a partnership that isn’t going anywhere, cut ties immediately; something serious is waiting for you on the other side. A new relationship will begin or a renewed sense of excitement and commitment in your current relationship is coming. Let go of anything that no longer serves your highest good.


How committed are you to manifesting your dream life? Last month you were asked to be bold and assert the feelings you’ve been hiding. Now, your confidence and commitment will be center stage! Do what you need to do now so your dreams can become your reality. Recommit to what you know is the right course for your life. Find some confidence because you are almost there!


Take a step back, take a break, or take time to yourself. Fretting over the little details of day to day life has you spinning your wheels. In order to gain perspective, look at the bigger picture because you will find plenty to be grateful for in your current situation. Perhaps you will even convince yourself to take a risk because trusting the Universe always pans out.


Your goals matter to you and they guide your behavior. If you have been holding on to fear, let it go now. You are heading in a new direction, and to feel true fulfillment, you need to step out of your comfort zone. It’s time for you to act on your dreams because this moment is exactly what you have been working to manifest. It’s all going to work out beautifully. Your destiny awaits!


You have come to a point in your path where it is no longer possible to stay safely wrapped in your cocoon. A pattern of behavior, career situation, or unhealthy relationship needs released. Even if you have been stubbornly ignoring them, your feelings of being trapped, stuck, or pinned down signal a need to break free. It’s time to make some changes. What you find on the other side will be WELL worth the effort!


You are at the point where you must release any physical or emotional baggage to find a new beginning. You have learned what you could from this situation and it’s time to move forward with the flow of the Universe. Moving on from what we no longer need can be difficult, but you will find a sense of relief as the past falls away. Something new is on the horizon.


Don’t even think about giving up on your dreams! Your plans are set to succeed, but check-in with yourself from time to time. Do you truly believe in your ability to create an abundant life? If the answer is a solid, YES, then you are well on your way to acquiring everything you want! Get grounded, work through your issues, and find value in yourself because life is about to get a whole lot more comfortable.


An Aquarius appreciates the eccentric side of life. Your ability to innovate by thinking outside-the-box creates masterful works of human ingenuity, however, spending too much time in your daydreams pushes your goals further away. Balance the energy you give to dreaming up solutions with the energy you give to implementing practical action steps. Your responsibilities have come calling.


Your emotions are under attack this month, but don’t fear! This comes as an opportunity to restart different aspects of your life and find a sense of stability. Where can you get more organized? How can you alter your eating habits to create a healthier routine? What do you want need right now? Who can you help? Whatever you decide, stop being so hard on yourself and accept this opportunity for growth and self-care.


Virgo loves an opportunity to analyze and critique a plan’s overall effectiveness. In fact, Virgo ADORES organizing situations so they work out perfectly. Now is your time to shine! You are really close to achieving your goals, but first you must make sure everything is moving forward properly. Review your plans with a focused mind. Make any adjustments you deem necessary.


A new adventure awaits you, Sagittarius! Change is coming and there is no looking back now. Quick movements in the direction of your dreams will manifest in September. Believe in yourself while you move forward. Remember, when good things come to you, then you should do good in return. This month you will be gifted with beautiful opportunities so make sure to give love back!


Too much ego thought will cloud the guidance of your powerful intuition. If you have been anxious, fearful, restless, or prideful, release those emotions and breath. End any arguments or disagreements. Come to a place emotionally where you can send love, then let go of any toxic situations. Use your creativity to help focus your mind on positive endeavors. You have the power to reestablish balance.


Stephanie is a teacher, both academically and spiritually, offering a variety of information and skills. A former high school English teacher by day, Stephanie has been immersed in spiritual teachings such as meditation, reiki, astrology, manifestation, numerology, and symbolism for over 15 years. As a student of the Universe, Stephanie brings these teachings to a level of understanding and application, which all people can comfortably utilize.

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