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It’s not an accident that you are here. In fact, I believe it was divine guidance that led your way and allowed our paths to cross. You are here on Purpose. Don’t take that lightly either! It’s a big thing to follow your intuition and really brave to trust the guidance of your higher self during times of gratitude and mindful observation. With so much ego-driven behavior playing out everyday ad nauseam, it’s very easy to become bored, anxious, lazy, disinterested, and simply overwhelmed as we absorb the energy of the collective. This site is a refuge for those who seek loving-kindness, and a creatively mystical perspective.

My Purpose

With so many wonderful mystical websites, it is difficult to know where to start. The vibe at Inspired Creatively is an imaginative option! As someone who has taught English to high school students for the last 15 years, I always find myself combining my love of literature and writing with my love of the mystical. In doing so, I created this site to help infuse your life with creativity, love, and imagination!

If you are a writer, artist, teacher, dancer, poet, musician, or a creative dreamer of many persuasions, the mystical world is waiting to inspire! The creative inspiration and mystical offerings found at Your Spirit Animal strive to elevate and inspire a revolution of unprecedented unity by tapping into our creative center. Using intuition and guidance from various energies, we guide our art towards a higher vibration. Because if we absorb the energy of the collective, I want it to be a collective of creative beings who trust they are guided by a higher vibration.

The Unifying Power of Creativity

By exploring and sharing topics related to our mind, body, and soul connection, I intend to be of service in a positive way.  Experience the shift as we guide each other to make positive changes in ourselves and our communities. 

What’s in a name?

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. When your teaching career has seen more freshman English classes than it has seen restroom breaks, Romeo and Juliet references simply ooze from your being.)

ANYWAY, back to the website name…

We live on a planet populated by people with diverse experiences leading to diverse beliefs. Each perspective is valuable. The more we share our truth with honesty, the better our connection will become. Trust that the Universe is available to guide you on your path to self-expression.

Can we circle back to the fact that you are here on purpose? A willing guide has made her way into your life…in the form of an English teacher living her dreams and running a mystical/spiritual/creativity/tarot blog, but a guide nonetheless. Use your unique perspective to ignite your creative mind. Harness the power of the mystical to ignite your imagination. 

Together we can find knowing. Together we can share and create.


Stephanie is a teacher, both academically and spiritually, offering a variety of information and skills. A former high school English teacher by day, Stephanie has been immersed in spiritual teachings such as meditation, reiki, astrology, manifestation, numerology, and symbolism for over 15 years. As a student of the Universe, Stephanie brings these teachings to a level of understanding and application, which all people can comfortably utilize.

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