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Gentle Productivity: 10 Daily Tasks for a more Gentle Connection

The assumption that we need to be productive each day is an illusion. Productivity in its current form is a modern concept as most of humanity has its basic needs met. What happens on all the days when my mind is not constructing an organized outline for the day and implementing the action steps necessary to accomplish these things? I feel sad and lazy. I feel unmotivated, and my self-esteem takes a huge hit. There is no reason to feel this way because I am both the creator and doer of all these tasks. If I wanted to do less, I should take on less for myself.

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June 2021 Oracle Forecast: Acknowledge Your Destiny

Organize a Restart As the summer solstice nears and the long days unfold, the June Oracle Forecast shines with a message of restarting essential routines. Staying healthy requires a routine of one sort or another, and this is the perfect time to implement what works best for YOU. If you …

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January Oracle Forecast: Hold the Vision

Dedication to Self-Worth and Honesty The January Oracle Forecast has FINALLY arrived! I have had a busy month, which has taken me a lot longer than usual to get this going…but it’s here nonetheless. Welcome to 2021, everyone! Is it everything you’ve hoped for so far? The first month of …